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How to Wear Dad Sneakers

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As sporty fashion continues to live with us, these dad sneakers are with us like ugly Christmas sweaters but all seasons long and fashionably by all means. As this fun facebook comment to our facebook post below, dads don't wear dresses but we wear dad's sneakers because they are just too fashionably cool. 

That said, let's see how others adopted this unusual trend into some great styles and let's learn to own. 


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With Dress / Skirts

Dresses and skirts don't always need sandals and heels, especially those pretty pretty dresses. Remember the times you were little, trying on your mom's heels, then now try your dad's sneakers! You probably agree that men's sneakers have way cooler designs and crazy colors, not to mention some innovative aerodynamic shapes. We need some of that. 

Regardless of length and style, prettiness doesn't need to walk in pain. Solid or pattern, colorful or minimalist, sneakers easily rule the streets against killer heels in its practicality category but way cooler designs that are not shy in colors nor sculptural formation.

Ruffle, satin, floral, mesh and laces - all that represent femininity are softened and balanced with the chunkiness of the sneakers. 


Feminine Dress / Skirts

Image: Pinterest, elle.com

Style Blog: Sporty Chic: Sneakers and Dresses

Style blog: Get the Look - Dress and Sneakers Sporty Chic

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Kaylin Printed Wrap Dress, $55


Satin Skirt


Image Source: Pinterest, society social

Mesh / Lace Skirt

Image Source: Pinterest, vogue magazine

Solid Color Maxi Knit Dress


Image Source: Pinterest, Wehearit.com

Flowy Maxi Dress

Image Source: Pinterest fashion.hola.com

Printed Midi Dress with Blazer

Image Source: Pinterest guitamoda.com

Pretty Ruffle Doll Dresses / Jumpsuit

Image Source: Pinterest, girls.blog.br 

Image Source: Pinterest whowhatwear.com

Claire Front Twist Sleeveless Jumpsuit, $64

Image Source: Pinterest Fashionista.com

Image Source: Pinterest eco warrior princess wheretogetit.com

Shop Chunky Knit Cardigan:

Cool Metallic Dress & Fanny Bag

Image Source: Pinterest refinery29.com


with Bike Shorts & Mini Skirts

Yes, you've seen this trend was new and huge for several years now and still to be explored (?). Shorts with an oversized blazer seems to be a new classic for this look. 


Oversized Tops & Bike Shorts

Giving loose tops over tight bike shorts are the key to this look. If you wear a tight top with bike shorts, you will look like the cyclists….if that happens, top with a boxy blazer. 

Image Source: Pinterest Araceli cc

Image Source: Pinterest STYLE REPORT MAGAZINE

Image Source: Pinterest, popsugar.com


Blazer and Bike Shorts

These looks resemble the little school boy uniform in a sense. You can also wear a bra top or sport bra with this look.

Image Source: Pinterest whowhatwear

Image Source: Pinterest taniasarin

Image Source: Pinterest stealthelook.com


with Denim

These are kind of no-brainer styles as we do wear denims most of our lives… with jeans, denim skirts and more.  Be inspired no less than ordinaries and try to be casually stylish. Boot cuts, baggies, low waists and distressed jeans are coming back girls!


Casual Chic with Boyfriend Jeans

Image Source: Pinterest-Instagram

Model Off-Duty Look Distressed Jeans & Blazer

Image Source: Pinterest whowhatwear.com

Cropped High Waisted Jeans with Fur Coat

Image Source: Pinterest

with Denim Skirts

Style Blog: Get The Look: Maxi Denim Skirts



with Suit / Two Piece Sets

For some reason, the suit and sneaker combo works like it's meant to be. Sneakers bring instant sportiness and street factors to the formality of the suits and liberate(?) the seriousness of the formal suits. And those silk pajama sets? Oui Oui. Let's see what I meant.


Image Source: Pinterest, song of style

Image Source: Pinterest, woahstyle.com

Image Source: Pinterest, fashiongonerogue.com

Image Source: Pinterest, whaelse.com

Image Source: Pinterest, whowhatwear.com

Image Source: Pinterest, whowhatwear.com

Image Source: Pinterest, source not safe to link as per Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest, fashionista com


with Cool(?) Pants

Patent leather, leather leggings, colorful prints, metallic or truthfully sporty track pants etc. Finish your looks with equally interesting sneakers. This category is more like rock n' roll and inspired by men's street fashion with a hint of girl crush. 


Image Source: Pinterest, vogue.com

Image Source: Pinterest, street style

Image Source: Pinterest, aglamlifestyle.com

Image Source: Pinterest, catwalk-decoded-article



With Statement Tops

The statement, words, logo and graphic prints tops, specially together with athleisure trends, these pair well with dad sneakers. Incorporate statement T-shirt, sweatshirts, hoodies, lounge wear, altered leisure tops with dad sneakers.


White Sneakers OOTD by watereverysunday

Image Source: Pinterest, popsugar.com


Image Source: Pinterest stealthelook.com.br

 Image Source: Pinterest, bloglovin.com

 Image Source: Pinterest, vogue.co.uk

Image Source: Pinterest, teenvogue.com


With Preppy Outfit

These looks emerged with the white sneaker trends and Celine's creative director Phoebe Philo. Her simple runway closing look at SS11 below super popularized the adidas Stan Smith to one of wardrobe must-haves ever since.

Image Source: Getty Image

Image Source: Pinterest, catherine iris hermine

Image Source: Pinterest, collagevintage

Image Source: Pinterest,  Feray Celik Ozyurt


With Long Coat / Robe

For some reason, sneakers look great with maxi coats. Woolen, trench, fur, duster or oversized, they complement the chunkiness of the sneakers and give a casual luxe feel to somewhat formal long coats. 


with Lean Ankle Length Coats


Image Source: Pinterest, streetstyle


w/ Maxi Teddybear Fur Coat

Image Source: Pinterest, gettyimage

Image Source: Pinterest, stylecaster.com

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with Classic / Oversized Trench Coats

Image Source: Pinterest, collagevintage

Image Source: Pinterest, sarahstylesseattle.com

Classic Tee & Jeans with Silk Robe

Image Source: Pinterest, bloglovin.com


Sporty Tracksuits & Puffers

Puffer jackets/coats and tracksuits these days are accepted as both functional and stylish. The oversized trend fits well with the puffing shapes and match the chunkiness of the sneakers. However, the main styling tips  for these looks are that now you are leaning more towards to sporty fashion therefore, add more formal elements such as dressy bags and use a pop of colors such as bold or neons to show that you are still running towards to street style, not on your way to the gyms.


Image Source: Pinterest.com

Image Source: Pinterest, vogue.com

Image Source: Pinterest, popsugar.com

Image Source: Pinterest, sunnyinga.de

Image Source: Pinterest, telegraph.co.uk

Image Source: Pinterest, fashionactivation.com

Image Source: Pinterest, girlsinsights.com

Image Source: Pinterest, fashionactivation.com 

Image Source: Pinterest, whowhatwear

Image Source: Pinterest, whowhatwear


 Are you inspired yet?
HAPPY DAD Sneakers everyone!!





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