DIY Lanvin Rhine Stone Ribbons

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DIY Lanvin Rhinestone Ribbons - watereverysundayDIY Lanvin Rhinestone Ribbons by watereverysunday
As much as Pride & Prejudice's Bennett family are obsessed with ribbons, pretty silk and satin ribbons are forever with us to make us from plain Jane to Marie Antoinette. I don't even remember what year it was but I was so Inspired by this Lanvin runway collection and literally made this DIY set back in the day, and made me write this DIY blog today. 
Wear as earrings, hair clips, Shoe & Bag Charms & Brooches that can go anywhere you like. The list goes on. 

Now, shall we make some ribbons?

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DIY Rhinestone Ribbons

W H A T    Y O U   N E E D

  • Rhinestone Buckles: Get a Variety of Shaped & Sized pack. You can find these on amazon or etsy.
  • 1 1/2, 2 or even 3 inches Width Silk Or Satin Ribbons in color of your choice: Get Double Faced Good Quality Ribbons. Shopping in person is highly recommended.
  • Scissors
  • Earrings, Brooches backing metal hardware. You can also use bobby pins.
  • Craft Glue


12 Rhinestone Buckle Assorted, $21.48


2" Double Face French Satin Ribbon 12 Colors, $3/yard  

150 pc Earrings Clip Backs $9.99

30 pcs Safety Pins Brooch Backs, $5.79

20 pc Brooch Clip & Pin Backs, $8.99,


Multi-Purpose Crazy Craft Glue, $7.99,


H O W    T O 

  1. Measure ribbon in length and Cut : Typically 2.5 - 3 times of your ribbon width. You can make double ribbons by double ribbons. Try with your buckles before cutting.
  2. Make ribbons thru your rhinestone buckles and make desired shapes.
  3. Hide the frayed cut edges into back of the buckle. You can also pre-treat the edge to stop from further fraying by burning the edges over flames or using clear nail polish. You can also artfully fold the edge into triangle. This is DIY so be creative.
  4. Glue metal hardware backing to the center of the buckle over the ribbon fabric. 
  5. Wait for the glue to dry. 
  6. Enjoy styling with your rhinestone ribbons.


Additional Use of Rhinestone Buckles

There are more way to style with the Rhinestone buckle. Use them alone as scarf or T-shirt rings. Instead of tying and knotting, scarf rings make the knotting making is easier and give more finished look. There are many tutorial videos online and youtube or amazon for the following product. 

12 pcs Scarf Tie Buckle Rings, $17.99



Happy Ribbon-utionizing Your Days!


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