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Sneakers and Dresses

sarah w

Sporty Chic: Sneakers and Dresses 

Simple style that everyone can enjoy. Short or long, loose or tight, dresses and sneakers have been quite good friends recently. 

Love the look of this street style. Kind of looks like those female tennis players. Doesn't it? Dresses are not only for dressy or fancy events. Be a sporty chic. End of August or September weather would be ideal for this look. Actually wear this and go to US open or other sporty events. Pair with cool baseball caps or mini bags. Wear with light trench or duster coats for cooler nights. Imagine literally running around town in a pretty dress with that cool sneakers. 




Pink Floral Dress with Lattice Back $48

Image: Instagram @martavidaurreta

Suggested Dress

Vintage Star Polka Dots Dress $32.99 

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Adidas Stand Smith $60 bloomingdales

Raf Simons Adidas Comfort Badger Sneakers $430 Nordstrom


New Balance 501 Ripple Sole $74.99 newbalance.com


 Vans Old Skool Platform Sneakers $65 Nordtrom



Love Moschino Logo Clutch (above style look) SOLD OUT

Similar Product : Moschino Logo Clutch $525 farfetch 

Similar Product: Large Rivet Studs Clutch $39.99 




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