WATEREVERYSUNDAY is a small e-lifestyle site created by sarah, where you can shop, read and share cool and pretty things for everyday lives. Let them be stylish ideas, photos or fashionable items.

We believe in the importance of how stylizing our surroundings with cool & beautiful things make differences in our lives. We also believe in great bargain and excellent service, where we would like to commit ourselves to give you the both.

Featured products are carefully curated by sarah to reflect trends but with unique style and personality in mind. Therefore, if you’re looking for something new or anything to make your own, this might be the place for you. We would like to be current and unique as best as possible, hoping to offer everyone something they want and enjoy many times with. If you are looking for any specific item in mind, let us know so that we can also look out for you.

Sarah loves to design and create things and will be adding her handmade pieces to the collections soon. Since she also loves to blog and shop, some suggested products are available at our affiliate sites. She is also an avid polyvore user. Please feel free to join and follow her on polyvore for styling, home decor and beauty inspiration.

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