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Sarah W

Romancing by watereverysunday


Hello December! How are you all doing everyone?

Regardless of seasons, whether being in love or flying solo, he/she loves you not, being romantic or romancing in general is always good for your body and soul, especially for your heart. Let your heart race and pump and feel alive.

Think Flowers, Blushes, Venus - the goddess, and Pretty things.. Don't you just feel beautiful and happy to be alive to be surrounded by the life or universe as they exist?



*We are not affiliated with or paid by any company/brands/website/products featured in this blog post other than our own. 


Eileen Ombre Plaid Maxi Coat, $105.00

Sonya Midi Skirt with Circle Tassels$78.00

Suggested Romantic Top

Josephine Flower Corsage Bustier Bra Tops - 2 Colors, $48

Marcella Your Name Canvas Totes, $75

Pearl Rings Buckle Belts$14.99

Harper Pom Pom Velvet Mules,  $58.00

Abstract Horse-Figure & Pearl Earrings$14.99

ROSE GOLDEA EAU DE PARFUM $142.00, bulgari.com

GUCCI Rouge à Lèvres Voile Lipstick, #201 The Painted Veil 

$45, sephora.com

Cheeky Rose Cream Blush, $20 ultra.com

Real seafoam green butterfly (Framed), $56 etsy.com


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