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What to Wear Now - Satin Skirt

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What to Wear Now - Chic Happens by watereverysunday

Satin and silk trends are so hot and trending at the moment yet we still can't get enough of them! The recent fashion weeks also confirmed that this trend will stay for several years to come. What we've seen on runways and streets were satin/silk blouse, camisoles, skirts, dresses, pants and suitings, either printed, patterned or solid, which means technically everything. Scarf prints trends are still on as these are mainly made in silk and fall right into the same category.

What we've also seen with satin and silk trends are pearl and rhinestone embellishment trends, which are also huge this year since classically they belong together in luxury departments with their pearlescent finishes and similar price tags. Actually, pearl trend has been predicted about 3-4 years ago, but for some reason, only kicked off last year or so with beading trends. 

Thanks to the technology. We don't need to wear/buy pure silk or pearls. Imitation items look and serve as good as the real ones for our trending needs. 

One of the easiest and wearable ways to get your hands on this trend is with midi satin skirts. It has the semi pencil skirt like formality yet A-line flare is rather freer than the pencil skirts with light silk fabric is super figure hugging and figure flattering.  

These skirts are virtually everywhere and super versatile. As you all know, pleated skirts have been dominating the skirt scenes for many years and are still popular. However, we always need something new, and these A-line satin skirts captured our special attention (this line is literally from the Pride and Prejudice) with their feminine elegance in silky luxury touch that everyone dream about. Yet, so easy to style with and very versatile.

They look effortlessly stylish with all of your graphic t-shirts and classically dressy with blouses. With cami tops? We look instantly sexy and ready to go out. Also great with both leather jackets or blazers. Sandals, sneakers and boots, yes and yes and yes. Ooh la la. 

The featured look above is something you can literally wear now and could look cool. But no one can stop you being creative and looking cooler in you own right! So be it! 


Image: withluxewithlove.com


Image: guitamoda.com

Image: whowhatwear uk

Image: Instagram/Pinterest

Another way to wear satin trend is a satin slip dress. Slip dresses were hugely popular and trending some years ago together with pajama trends then, kinda died down. But this year, it is back! Well, leaving the pajamas at home. If you already own some slip dresses, bring them out. However, make sure that they are satins, not chiffons.

Satin slip dresses can be worn alone or layered. Or underneath. As mentioned before, nowadays wardrobe pieces are no longer becoming less and less season specific, other than being temperature specific outerwear such as coats. 

So wear alone or layer them with sweaters, tops, turtlenecks, see-through tops and any way you can think of. Trends always come and go but without individualism, there are no fashion nor style. 


Image: interiorremarkableblog.com

Image: topfashionwears.com

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Image: whowhatwear uk




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  • Hi, I’m so glad I found your blog and store! I love your products! I haven’t ordered yet but I’m looking and trying to narrow down my loves. I wish I could buy everything! I noticed on the satin plain dresses, no size chart. Also what color satin cami would go with leopard or flowered satin skirt? The pink is sold out and I wanted a color besides black. I’m not good at matching skirts/tops. Advice anyone? ❤️


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