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JEANS THERAPY - Winter White Jeans

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Jean Therapy - White Winter Jeans by watereverysunday


While calendar is almost speaking March, the weather is still hung up on winter. Yeah, we hear you nature. As much as letting go is hard, moving on is also a hard one. So during this so-called transitional season, what can we wear?

How about some white jeans? This sounds almost perfect before moving onto warmer days then also towards a fresh new start, right?

To begin, the fashion faux pas of no white after labor's day is no longer valid in style world and pretty much an outdated idea these days. In fact, winter white jeans is one of the trends kept coming up every year with already established looks. Same idea goes to the wardrobe pieces that are once considered seasonal like summer or spring dresses since these can be worn in layered style or other untraditional way all season long.

Ok, so how do we style white jeans for cold weather without looking cold?

As you've guessed, white jeans look highly chic against winter fabrics and items such as sweaters, scarves, wool, suede or fur coats and even boots! Because together they create great color & texture contrasts to love. 

Some easiest ways to style white denim in winter is certainly with sweaters. According to recent trends, popular ways to wear white jeans are with chunky sweaters - tucked in or out. If out, add a cool statement belt to give some definition to the waist. Pair with edgy combat, biker or ankle boots, all are great with white jeans. Recent animal prints - such as leopard or snakeskin prints also look fantastic against white denims. 


Now let's see some ways to style winter white jeans.



Rather than fitted, go with oversized, chunky and cable knitted sweaters. Adding structured outerwear like blazer or midi to maxi coats turn the outfit more formal.


Image: Pinterest

Image: closetfulofclothes.com

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Image: whowhatwear



Let them be sweaters, coats or boots. These basic winter color palette looks great with white jeans. Fine gold jewelry and bags with gold chain or hardware look also quite perfect and add some warmth & luxury to the look.

 Image: adenorah

Image: husskie.com

Image: Lefashion



An easiest way to pull off all white look is white jeans with a white cable sweater. This relatively classic look is quite timeless and a fail proof. Tuck in for sure. Add belt, snakeskin print or biker boots, or totally cool with sneakers. Also try all white denim and denim look with denim jacket. 

Image: glamour

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Image: whowhatwear uk

Image: soutmoltonstyle.com 




Faux fur coats were hugely popular this winter and the streets certainly approved of this combo. 


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