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Beading Heart

sarah w

Beading Heart by watereverysunday

Days are warmer by day and so as our hearts. Expect your heart to be beating harder just like we are in love. 

For many years, rattan and natural straw items have been dominating the summer scenes and bohemian style. However, this time around pearl and beaded items are taking over the scene and rattans are getting colorful.

As the weather starts heating up, we expected to see more and more beaded items in the streets. Made with natural wood, colored pearls or resin beads and fully or partially beaded bags, shoes, earrings, hair pins and others. This trend has already begun and will fully take off by this summer.

Rattans and wickers are always be the one of classic summer items but we always want something new, right?  New takes on the rattans or wicker items will be color pickled or lacquer finish, or adorned with patterns or illustrations.

Of course you don't want to overwear the trend. Same as too much love could be bad for your heart! Just try to pick a couple of items to fit your own style. Take things easy and love will naturally follow. 




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Esme Spanish Red Midi Dress  $68


Luxe Pearl Beads Mini Tote - 3 Colors  $68


Floral Print Bali Wicker Rattan Shoulder Bags - 6 Styles  $68


Damien Resin Flower Earrings - 4 Colors $14.99


Big Metal Bamboo Pattern Alphabet Necklaces $13.99



Xena Metal Studs Cage Slippers $58


2 Pcs Pearl Embellished Barrette & Bobby Pins - 10 Styles  $14.99


Dolce & Gabbana The Only One Perfume $76 ulta.com


Bourjois Rouge Fabuleux Lipstick in Beauty And The Red $9 lookfantastic.com


Urban Decay SIN AFTERGLOW HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE $39 urbandecay.com



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