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Halloween Costume & Makeup Ideas - UPDATED

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 Masquerade Halloween Costume by watereverysunday


Halloween is almost here and what is better way to celebrate this horrifyingly fun holiday than dressing up for it? You can definitely go grotesque or plain funny but let's keep it somewhat fashionable. You won't typically dress up this way so what a great opportunity to do so. So let's have some fun. Here are some ideas.


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Black Swan White Swan

Which swan are you? This classic ballet piece has two main characters with two different hearts. Be the sexy black swan. Be the innocent white swan. Or It is ok to have both. Do this with your friend for a pair look. 

Black Swan White Swan Halloween Costume by watereverysunday

FEATURED PRODUCTS: Black Swan White Swan Sweatshirts $38 / Ballerina Pointe Shoes iphone Case $12.99 SOLD OUT / Feather Skirt $30.99 amazon.com Swan Masquerade Venetian Face Mask $14.89 amazon.com / Suggested Ballet Flats: Aurelia Buckle Strap Ballet Flats $78 


Black/White Swan Sweatshirts

Aurelia Ballet Flats


Masquerade party is always sexy with full is mystery. Not much costume shopping is required for this look other than a fabulous mask. Go with skin tight lace masks - in gold or black. Pair with velvet blazer, lace slip dress and victorian heels or your favorite heels for sexy, possibly fifty shade of grey theme. You can add vamp nail look - studded, jeweled or various cool nail art jewels or stickers. Don't forget the red lipstick!

 Masquerade Halloween Costume by watereverysunday

FEATURED/SUGGESTED PRODUCTS: Similar Slip Dress: Sakari Butterfly Laced Back Slip Dress $78 / Similar Velvet Blazer $495 saksfifthavenue.com / Victorian Costume Heels - SOLD OUT Similar Victorian Boots: Kioni Silk Embroidery Boots $68/ Venetian Lace Masks $8.50 or 16 piece Lace Mask Set $16.89 amazon.com / Christian Louboutin Red Lipstick / Nail Art Studs & Stickers - shop online


Sakari Butterfly Back Dress

Kioni Silk Embroidery Boots

Bubblegum Police

This full of bubbly look has the pretty pink hair of bubblegum princess character, cute mini skirt black outfit, police hat and a bubble soap gun. All under $50 budget or less if you have some already. Don't forget to chew some bubble gum to complete the look and throughly experience the bubbly fun.

 Bubblegum Police by watereverysunday

FEATURED PRODUCTS: Pink Wig $17 / Featured Soap Gun - SOLD OUT Similar Bubble Soap Gun Blower $11 / Similar Costume Police Hat $14.99 all on amazon.com / Suggested Tissue/Bodysuit Top: Machella Crescent Moon Prints Tissue Tops $28 / Mela High Cut Cropped Bodysuit $28

Machella Moon Prints Top


Mela Cropped Bodysuit



R.I.P David Bowie Glam Rock

David Bowie is one of the most celebrated glam rock stars. This legendary face painted album cover is also one of the most recognized photos of his. Do the face painting with mohawk hair. Metallic bomber jacket with a band tee, thin silk scarf, 80s harem pants, golden sneakers and cool fedora hat. If you have an electric guitar? Perfection. Style Tip, No oversized top fit here… 

RIP David Bowie by watereverysunday 


FEATURED PRODUCTS: Similar Metallic Silver Leather Jacket $68 / David Bowie Band Tees  / Golden Goose V Star Sneakers $560 shopbop.com / Similar Metallic Sequin Fedora Hats $36

 Metallic Silver Leather Jacket

Metallic Sequin Fedora

Red Lipstick Face Draw Pajama Party

This could be most budgeted choice out of all, yet still highly effective and noticeable look. Just draw red lipstick on your face which is already half Halloween enough. Wear your bathrobe short or long and sexy hot red heels. If you have a satin sleep mask, wear on the head. Add more items as you wish. Be creative. 

Red Lipstick Halloween Beauty by watereverysunday  

SUGGESTED PRODUCTS: Lipsticks - Any Red Lipsticks that you have or buy one for the night / Pajama Sets Hillary Oversized Satin Silk Pajama Set $48 / Colorful Faux Fur Slippers $28

  UPDATE: to be current to the trend. Add some type of feathers here. 



Colorful Faux Fur Slippers


Future Dystopia Techno Girls 

These looks are from the Maison Margiela A/W 2016 runway collection. You remember Effie from the movie the hunger games? Who designed and dressed Katniss for galas? This collection reminds me of that and full of the looks that Effie would wear without a doubt. Futuristic hair spray hardened techno hairs, silver grey metallic makeups and accessories are pretty much only stage appropriate in our daily life, but maybe these could be what we will be wearing in the future.

Silver Platinum glitter was the main color here so gather all your silver and white metallic makeups. Excessively tease, volumize and hair spray your hairs for beehive style. Wear plastic saran wrap as choker. Wear one chandelier statement earring and fishnet stocking over your shoes for spider web effect.

Techno Hairs and Makeups by watereverysunday  


FEATURED PRODUCTS: elf liquid glitter eyeshadow $6 / Max Factor Dip-In Eyeshadow #10 Silver $10 amazon.com / L'Oreal Infallable Eyeshadow, Silver Sky $7.99 / Gucci Eyeshadow Liquid Silver $37 / Aveda Volumizing Tonic $22 & Pure Abundance Hair Portion $25 / Suggested Fishnet Stocking: Flower Embroidery Big Fishnet Stockings $21/ Suggested Crystal Ear Cuff: Angel Wing Crystal Ear Cuff Earrings $19.99

Flower Embroidery Fishnet Stockings

Angel Wing Crystal Ear Cuff


Grunge Rock Groupies

These are from the A/W 2016 Saint Laurent runway looks. This vintage grunge rock star and their groupie fashion collection by Hedi Slimane was big on leathers, furs, animal prints and plenty of metallic glitters. Get animal prints furs, 80s high shoulder pads, vintage dress and boots. And biggest buckle belt you have.

The makeups were done using with glitter powders on eyes, especially the red. Use your eyeshadow brush and apply vaseline to draw on your eyelids and wing ends. Apply glitter dust on top of vaseline with another brush. Let the glitter powder fall on your under eyes for sparkling look. Apply eyeliner to express more dramatic winged eyes. 

Winged Metallic Glitter Eyes by watereverysunday   

FEATURED PRODUCTS: Lime Crime Eye Glitters - SOLD OUT / Suggested Glitter Eyeshadow Palette $24.95 / Suggested Glitter Dust Powder Set $11 amazon.com / Snow Leopard Faux Fur Maxi Coat $145 / Slouchy Thigh High Snakeskin Print Boots $98



Snow Leopard Faux Fur Coat

Slouchy Snakeskin Prints Boots


Now Newly Added..

Barbie Pink! 

Barbie Pink Style Set by watereverysunday

To explore this look, click the Blog Post Link "Barbie Pink"


You can also try this new Lip Foil look which is very popular right now and lip foils makeup looks were recently spotted on the Jeremy Scott Spring 2019 runway.


Image: Jeremy Scott Spring 2019 Backstage Beauty

Makeup artist uses lip liner pencil to line the lips. Apply eyelash glue on the lips to prime and add metallic art foil sheets on top and peel away the base sheet. Apply glitter lipsticks on the missing spots and overall to perfect and finish the look. There is this product called lip rock metallic foils but currently unavailable (available in UK) and people are having hard time achieving results with it. 

Or you can apply metallic lipstick, glue and add the foil piece on top of glued lips like this youtube tutorial. (It wasn't perfect but you get the idea). You can also use glitter powder instead of foil pieces. 


I hope you find this blog post useful and

Happy Halloween!

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