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Barbie Pink - Let's go Barbie!

Sarah W

Barbie Pink Style Set by watereverysunday


Are you a pink lover and can't have enough of them? Here goes Barbie! Barbie Pink Fever is real and everywhere with the new movie. Brighten up your summer with barbie pink. Think pink and happily wear pink without fear(?)! Join the Barbie fever while it lasts!


Let's go Barbie! Let's go Pink!



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Nabie Back Bow Pink Baby Doll Mini Dress $48 SOLDOUT

Similar Suggested Pink Dresses


Marianne Gingham Midi Dresses $52

Margie Shirring Smocked Floral Dress $48

Linsey Oversized Pink Blazer $48

Other Suggested Pink Oversize Blazer/Top

Valerie Oversized Glitter Blouses $48 

Thierry Rhinestone Sequin Upper Platform Slippers $52

Ires Faux Patent Leather Pouch Shopper Tote Bags $54

Similar Suggested Pink Bag

Calliope Pin Lock Box Jelly Bag $48


Merida 2D Prints Nylon Shoulder Bags $38

Juliana Silk Pom Pom Hoop Earrings $18.99  SOLD OUT

Camelina Flower Tweed Gloves $28

Star Glitter Tulle Socks $13

FEMINIST SPOKE iPhone Cases $34


Barbie The Movie Collectible Doll, Margot Robbie as Barbie in Pink Gingham Dress $25


HAPPY BOOSTER™ Blush $13.50  physiciansformula.com



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- Now enjoy Barbie, the movie Trailer! -

 And Still the best Barbie Music! Barbie Girl by Aqua…!!

Plus new Barbie World by Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice!

HAPPY  PINK Everyone!


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