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What to Wear Now - Basic Mode

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What to Wear Now - Basic Mode by watereverysunday 


Hello Cold weather! Temperature keeps going down and we want something cozy yet with style. Basic turtleneck and trouser combo is one of the classic looks we all love but could be too basic sometimes. Adding a check blazer to certainly add some trendy and edgy elements to that could be too basic outfit.

Need more? Add quilted velvet bag and fur lined mules for some texture and luxe feel. Wear retro glasses to play that nerdy chic trend but most of all because we are smart!





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Bella Turtleneck Sweater - 5 Colors $49.99


Ebba Double Breasted Check Blazer $62


Jamie Light Washed High Waisted Mom Jeans $52


Gabriela Furlined Suede Mule Slippers - 2 Colors $88


Another way to wear is with boots. Suggested classic knee high boots:


Miley Croc Disco Knee High Boots - 3 Colors $78.00

Quilted Velvet Flap Chain Shoulder Bag - 5 Colors $36.99


Crystal Eye & Pearl Beads Stretchable Ring $14.99 


Surge Lutens Ambre Sultan 50ml $150, sergelutens.com

Laura Geller Iconic Baked Sculting Lipstick - East Village Orchid $21, laurageller.com





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