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Decorate with Wire and Mesh by watereverysunday

Wire and mesh decor has been mainly associated with industrial decor look. Obviously those are made with metal wires and meshes, hugely popular in those factory converted city lofts or dot com offices.

However, you don't need to go with big lofts or city look. It can be easily incorporated into your space using several key items, such as metal wall grids, wire baskets or mesh chairs. 

Wire and mesh items instantly add structure into space with their symmetrical and geometric shapes and lines. With their hollow or sieved meshes, they look airy and spacious, and you feel like you can breath again. In addition, those items can be great for organizing and as storage.

Metal wall grid defines the empty wall space and all your organic clutters like loose photos, notes, pots and plants or clothes can be mounted, hung or clipped onto those grid boards, creating great memo board, moodboard or collage art.

All kinds of shapes and sized wire baskets are great for tossing in clutters, laundries, and loose objects that you don't know where they belong. Once clutters are gone, your space is all of sudden in order. Not to mention, you've just gained more space but also feel like your life is less hectic and more manageable now. 

Don't limit yourself with just basic colors. Wire and mesh items in neon and bright colors look fantastic and a great alternative way to splash your space with colors without big investment or commitment. And technically they last forever.... 

If you need some order in your life, definitely try this decor. 




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Wire Wall Grid Shelf $16.99+

Black Wire Wall Grid + SHELF $33.99+

Moroso Tropicalia Lounge Chair (Custom Order) $1852

"Plenty Of Sleep" Throw Pillow 2-piece Set  $55


Hot Mesh Chair $159.00  Green & Yellow,


Bend Goods Wire Basket 18" $248 SOLD OUT

Similar/Suggested  Wire Basket



RISATORP Basket, Red $12.99,


Urban Outfitters Wire Storage Baskets  SOLD OUT

Similar Wire Rack

Sift Gunmetal 2-Story Tower $89.95,


Circle Metal Shelf $19.99


Scion Mr Fox Mugs $12-$14 or


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