Summer Bedroom Decor

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Summer is officially here and we already had one of the hottest days of the year already. The room without AC was unbearable but with right elements and items, summer room is quite enjoyable with its coolness.

Ceiling fan alone in the bedroom definitely cools the temperature without AC on. With the night breeze thru the window, summer night has its own characters.

Let's go minimalist. Clean and natural fabrics work best for summer look. Washed linen or cotton fabrics, fresh scents and woven straw baskets. How about some canopy nets over the bed? What more can be more summery dreaming than that?




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French linen or stone washed, its lightly rough texture instantly cools down your skin during the season with the luxe look of far away Island vacation house. 

Washed linens are quite pricey in general. However you can still find affordable bargains or options. Or you can also just go with linen throw blanket to top over your existing bedding. Cotton chambray bedding also work. 


French Linen Complete Bedding set Primary Goods Full/Queen $349,

Urban Outfitters Washed Cotton Duvet Cover $69-99,

H&M Washed Linen Duvet Cover Set $129, 


Pure Linen Throw Blanket (55"x100") $75,

ÄNGSLILJA Duvet Cover and Pillowcase(s) $34.99,



Canopy nets are originally invented for protection from mosquitos but it is also almost essential part of summer bedroom features. That said, these nets are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Pottery Barn Canopy Drape $99, (on sale $59),


For some reason, finding right canopy nets for your specific needs are harder than said. For that, you can certainly DIY canopy nets. Using your own fabric or sheets, hang them from the ceiling in your own style, using ceiling swag hooks and curtain rings with clips or nylon ropes, or jute rope can work, too. All tools can be found in local hardware store/online. Be Creative!



Image Source: Pinterest



We all know how scents can set your mood. What's your favorite summer scents? Fresh linen, fresh meadow, ocean, sea salt or rain showers..... the list goes on.

OSEA for parachute Linen Mist $19, 

Spray your linens or clothing with this linen spray to freshen them up!

The Laundress Home Spray No. 247 $10,

This laundry care specialty brand has all your laundry needs. I actually love their clothing and upholstery brush ($60). Its is pretty handy and great for keeping pricey sweater or blanket lint and frizz free. 



Fornasetti Diffusing Sphere La Chiave Nero Diffusing Sphere $495,  SOLD OUT

This ultimate luxury fragrance diffuser comes with ceramic sphere to top off with the signature fragrance "otto". It's printed with a dual-sided key and lock design featuring opera singer and muse Lina Cavalieri. When not it use? Still quite a decor piece.


Nantucket Luxe Candle $36, 

Also check out Achipelago's Coastal Luxe Candle Collection for fragrance that were inspired by the natural wonders of California and the East Coast.



Summer is never fun without straw or wicker items. Whether as storage, decor piece or as furniture, the woven and organic texture add some natural beauty to our surroundings. 

Straw Market Bag - Image Source: Pinterest 

Large Diamonds Seagrass Belly Basket, 13-1/2" diam. x 11" h $19.99,

FLÅDIS Basket, seagrass, 9 7/8", $11.99,

Straw baskets are multifunctional stars. They work as summer bag, market or beach bag or totally work as storage or decor piece at home. Can be used as basket for laundry, books, blankets and more. They look great by the bed. Throw in blankets, knitting yarns and loose odd pieces in. It's just perfect as an organizing basket to tidy up the bedroom in seconds.

ALSEDA Banana Fiber Stool $29.99, 

For those who like to sit close to the floors…This fiber stool works for not only for sitting but also trays, bags and etc. 


STOCKHOLM 2017 Chair $229, SOLD OUT


BUSKBO Armchair, Rattan $169.99,

For some reason, these bamboo rattan chair seem to work not only for summery interiors but all seasons, by being perfectly in Scandinavian style. Throw fur blanket on and it is for winter now.


Jute Handmade Woven Straw House Slippers $18, SOLD OUT

Suggested Slippers:

2 Tassels Straw Home Slippers and more $50+,



Bedroom is not complete without some reading materials or journal/diary to reflect on at the end of the day. Make your bedroom a sanctuary where you spend each day and rest and recover your body and soul. Make it all personal... and your own. Yet make your room simple and clean, free from clutters so that you start a fresh every morning. 

Fact & Nonsense Monochrome Journals $110, SOLD OUT

You can be as factual or nonsense as possible - it's your journal.


Alexa Chung IT $12.99,

This might be just a pretty book to stack over your journal or else on bedside table. It's in pretty pink!, cute and fun read, too.



 Diamond Lighting Glass Bottle Seafoam Green Table Lamp $225 (on sale $150 ), or many stores online

Green seafoam glass table lamp definitely bring oceans into the room. 



LAUTERS Table Lamp with LED Bulb, $37.99

I technically(?) just love this new IKEA table lamp. It goes anywhere and easily can be used a table lamp to brighten up the dim bedroom with ultra cozy feel. What's better? It can be packed up so compactly in its the original box and you can practically travel(?) with it. 


Essie Lilacism $9, Available at drugstores near you

$10.50, ( $5.25 on Sale!)



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