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Velvet Bedroom Decor

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 Velvet Bedroom Decor by watereverysunday


Our crush on velvet is real this season and we want to have them day and night. Bring it to your bedroom. Velvet bedding is so pretty against cotton bed sheets and shams adding lovely texture contrast. Velvet chairs and throw pillows have always been loved, yet this time around we are rediscovering their extra charms and more amiable qualities. Not quite like the prince charming but, these velvety qualities are so irresistible not to have. 

Read on to also discover how to make DIY Velvet Pumpkins at the end of this blog. Velvet pumpkins are really pretty but quite pricy but, it is very DIY-able. So try!



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Plushious Velvet Emerald Green Bedspread $421.70 frenchbedroomcompany.co.uk


Similar Product: Luxe Velvet Quilt - $59.99 westelm


Similar Product: Crinkle Velvet Quilt $179-209 (on sale $134-156)  westelm



Velvet Mid Century Chair $3700 1stdibs.com



Pasargad Victoria Collection Velvet Armchair, Blue Gray
Similar Product: Pasargard Victorian Velvet Chair $585 houzz.com
Noah Velvet Accent Chair, Navy
Similar Product: Noah Velvet Accent Chair $444 houzz.com
Round Velvet Cushion $25 nordstromrack.com
Elba Table Lamp $588 houseology.com
Topshop Velvet and Lace Bra $38 SOLD OUT
Similar Product: Gabriella Velvet and Lace Bra $21 watereverysunday.com
IKEA RENS Sheepskin Rug  (28"x16") $29.99 ikea.com
Velvet Skull $17 (on sale $7) michaels.com
Amy Love Velvet Crossbody Bag $795 edie-parker.com
Velvet Pumpkin, Large  $70 ampersandshops.com


Velvet pumpkins are expensive!!  Well, you can definitely make your own. Watch the video below to see how easily it is done. I found this video particularly helpful as to while other tutorials are a bit labor consuming with sewing and such, this video is well streamlined by using rolled socks and cotton batting so that you can just stick the stems right in the middle. No sewing's required!! Genius!

Most of the materials are easy to get. However, the most crucial thing is the pumpkin stems. You need to save them and dry in the oven at 200 F for an hour. The more drier and aged looking the stems are, the more rustic and best looking velvet pumpkins will be! Read this article for different DIY tutorials. She uses rice and beans for stuffing and her pumpkins look really lovely!  HAPPY DIY!~~ 


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