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Guest Room Essentials

sarah w


Holiday times are approaching and it also means that you will be having guests for the events! 

Welcoming and hosting guests are not only a part of our holiday fun, but also a great time to reconnect with our guests and family.

You don't need to spend fortune to host your guests. Just a little touch of your thoughtfulness and respect here and there are all you need. Just think about when you were their guest(s). They need the same things as you did.

Let's go through some list of things to prepare a guest room and make them all fuzzy and  welcome, feeling like a home - almost. 

Also watch "Be Our Guest" from the Beauty and the Beast movie at the end of this blog post.

*By the way, we are not affiliated with any companies of the featured or suggested products in this blog. 


Welcome Mat & Signs

Welcome Mat or Signs are a great first impression to any visitors. Whether you have a fancy or funny one, outdoor or indoor, have some obvious ones to welcome your guests.

I also have a mat in the guest room with guest slippers so that they have their shoes area/organize their own shoes.

Image: Instagram

Welcome Mat 18 colors $39, Kohl's


Welcome Kit

This is basically what it is. You can also call it 'Welcome Package'.

I usually leave all of them on the guest room table and underneath. That case, it is easier for you to organize and prepare as well.

  • Memo & Pens - I leave a stack of notepad with pens in a pencil case on the guest room table and write 'Welcome' on the cover note. Stationary notes & pens are something essential for any travelers, but they always seem to forget to bring for some reason. Don't forget scissors. Quite needed.

  • WiFi Access - What more to say. Guests need an internet access and also passwords. Don't let them shyly ask you. Have the password written on the memo pad so that they don't need to ask.

Wifi password sign $6.50 etsy.com 

  • Electronic Chargers - These are essential for any travelers. Such as universal charger convertors, or phone or other chargers that you can spare and show the location of electric outlets at the welcome orientation(?). 

360 electric outlet with USB charger $18 Lowes.com


  • Welcome Chocolates & Candies - These surprisingly delight guests. When they are bored or looking for something to do, these do wonders. I like those Ferrero Rocher, Lindt truffles or Doves because they are more fancier and feel treated. Don't use leftovers from Halloween trick-or-treat junkies. 

Ferreo Rocher & Dove Chocolates - Supermarkets near you

  • Little Tray - for keys, coins and other accumulated things during stay. This definitely helps guests to organize their stay.

  • Facial Tissues - A box of Kleenex will do. Holidays times are also quite emotional. Oh well, that case, a couple more of boxes. Also provide a shoulder to cry on.


  • Indoor Slippers - Whether they use them or not, these makes them feel like "guests". Do not spend fortune on slippers as these should be relatively considered disposable due to sanitary reasons. I buy them from dollar stores in several different sizes and those stores have quite a selections. Love the simple solid or plaid generic ones. Don't make your guest wear unwanted crazy patterns. Slippers can also go under the luggage rack, in the closet or on the welcome mat.


Your guests need to unload their belongings and get settled. Provide them the area and the tools.

  • Luggage Rack or Ottoman - like a hotel room, folding luggage rack or ottoman provide instant solutions to any luggage affair. Not to mention it make the luggage handling all easy breezier but it also makes the luggage case an instant wardrobe drawer, especially you don't have a closet in the guest room. Don't let the luggage suitcase lying on the floor to collect dirts.

Folding Luggage Rack $49.99, improvementscatalog.com 

The one on the title photo from onekingslane is SOLD OUT, however I like this one from Improvements better as for price and practicality with the shoe rack.

Abbyson Blue Velvet Ottoman $130 (on sale!) overstock.com

The one on the title photo from overstock is SOLD OUT. The above blue ottoman is a similar one but on sale! And velvet~!!

  • Hanging Matters - Guests are less likely store their folded clothes in your closets/drawers. I personally do not like/do that. For some reason, I feel that since the luggage is mine own, I rather feel more comfortable using my own space(?) than their closets unless the stay is a long one. These are especially true for intimates/underwears. So guests will rather keep folded clothes in their luggage suitcase or take some out to hang in the closets or hangers. So provide plenty of "empty" hangers, wall or standing hangers and closet/space. I like blanket ladders since it can hang blanket, sheets and towels, too.


Pogo 4 Hook $34 ; Afternoon Coat Hanger $147, both from amara.com

KOMPLIMENT Multi-use ring hanger $5.99 ikea.com - what a great idea!

Image: vin yet etc

You can find variety of blanket ladders on amazon at different prices. I got mine from amazon, a bamboo one. Love it.

  • Ironing kits - Whether you share or not, either show them the location of the ironing kits in the house or provide with some easy wrinkle free sprays for guest's wrinkled garments from the luggage excursion. Some of these fresheners are awesome working both as air/room & fabric freshener. 

From left to right, 1. Italian Linen & Fabric Freshener $8 kohl's.com ; 2. Cold Iron Wrinkle Release Spray $14.74 ; 3. Real Simple Clean No Iron Wrinkle Release Spray $11.99, 2&3 both from amazon.com


  • Bath Towels - Always leave a couple of clean, spare ones, whether they brought their own or not. Provide spare toothbrushes as needed.
  • Laundry Bag - If they want to do laundry, provide laundry bag/plastic bags for laundry collection during stay. Let's not mix with ours unless close family.



Going to bed at someone else's house could be stressful even at family's, simply due to jet lags or just the bed itself. Leave some items to make your guests feel better.


  • Clean Bed Sheets and Linens - Do I need to say this?
  • Lights - Bedside lamp really helps guest to fall asleep better and generally easier in terms of access to light switches and such, if you know what I mean. Don't make them play/experiment with light switches.

1. Adesso Table Lamp $130 Macy's ; 2. Light Accents Touch Dimmer Lamp $15 Amazon.com

  • Scents or Candles - Scents are one of very first impressions to any person. I love oil diffusers or candles as those also serve as part of decor and scents are more luxurious than spray or plug-ins. Candles are great because guests can light themselves whenever they like. Try candles with lids or travel tin ones, which are easier to distinguish by closing them causing less fumes. I also take them with me while I travel. In case of candles, leave a little matchbox. If from local bars or restaurants, it is quite cute for them to look at.

Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry $20, voluspa.com ;

Archipelago Botanico de Havana $39 archipelago.com

Voluspa & Archipelago are well known brands with great container designs and luxe scents. Prices used to be more high end, but quite affordable now. Santiago Huckleberry is one of my faves along with Botanico de Havana, which gathered most compliments from the guests so far.

Thymes Kimono Rose Candle $30 

Henri Bendel Fig Travel Tin Candle $15, henribendel.com

The Thymes Kimono Rose is something so pretty that I even have in my bedroom. It has a subtle Sakura note and without being lit it even fills the room with beautiful rose scents. I've also tried body wash, lotions. Really beautiful. Henri Bendel Fig was an instant hit when launched a decade ago. If the product lasted a decade, it must be a good one, right? Really pretty one to light when preparing for a party or to feel better.

Use matchboxes you collected from local places or during traveling. I just refill the boxes with generic match sticks and reuse the boxes.

  • Reading materials - Books and magazines. Some books aren't meant for everyone. So leave a variety of magazines or coffee table books.

  • Water Bottle & Cup - Sometimes it is hard for guests to go to your kitchen and looking for water and drinks, especially during the night. Leave water bottle/cup in the room or by the bed. Carafe set with a cup lid is great. Bottle water also works.

Cathy's bedside water carafe set $30 JCpenny.com ;

evian bottle water at supermaket near you




  • Trash Can - In my experience, all guests asked if I don't have one in the guest room. Just have a small one and also leave some plastic bags for etc needs. 
  • Mini Broom & Dustpan - Whatever the case for use, it is good to have them in the room
  • Clocks - Everyone has phones these days with clocks, however have some clocks in the room. Wall mount or alarms. If can, both.

Westclox retro wall clocks $13-30 amazon.com

I love these westclox clocks so much and technically have each one in every room in different colors in my place. Quite affordable yet best retro looking clocks.

IKEA VACKIS alarm clock $1, IKEA.com 

Simply, a good one comes at the greatest deal

  • Music - Good to have radio/bluetooth speakers and the likes - especially they are sensitive to noises or it is too quiet around and for privacy! Guests most likely have phones, so these might not even needed but, bluetooth speakers are great to have around even for yourself.

Marshall one is a great looking, portable and stands like ipad.  Lenrue one is cute and has many metallic colors match your phone colors.
  • Mirror - Everyone needs this, not only Evil queen from the snow white. If you have them somewhere in the house easily accessible, or big ones in the bathroom you are all set. If not, have one in the guest room. At least mid size to full. Wall mounting prefereably. IKEA has affordable ones. 
  • Misc. Containers - Whatever the case, extra containers are useful. I give a couple of foldable crochet ones from IKEA. Guests can store their own essentials on their own, or have them standing next to yours in the commonly shared area, such as bathroom.

Nordrana Baskets 2pc set $9.99, ikea.com


I think I covered pretty much most of it. These are from my actual check list and has been working so far, so hope these help you as well. This blog only covers guest rooms, not the bathroom or kitchen since those areas are commonly shared most of the time. Let me know if I've forgotten anything. 

Holidays are quite hectic and some guests give you more headache than others, and being a host also comes with a great responsibility. However, I must say that joy of giving and taking care of others is always a delightful experience

One more thing, whether you are hosting or being the guest, I think being thoughtful and thankful are the manners that we should always practice. Isn't it what Thanks-Givings all about?


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! 

Enjoy the Disney Classic "Be Our Guest" video from the new Beauty & the Beast movie !! <3<3<3

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