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Decorate with Skulls

sarah w

Decorate with Skulls with No Fear by watereverysunday on Polyvore


Skulls are no longer related to heavy metal music or something grungy. Thanks to the late Alexander McQueen. Skulls are quite fashionably popular these days with a look of luxury. Add these luxe looks to your surroundings. Decorate with skulls without fear. 

Go with simple black & white sketch, monochrome or metallics to keep the luxe look. 



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Skull Glass Decanter $35

Skull Bone China Plate €46 Melodyrose.co.uk


Sheep Skin Ottoman - Featured item - SOLD OUT $2399

I wouldn't bother get an expensive one. If you have a cool ottoman, just top with IKEA sheepskin rug $30


Skull Print Art  

  *Tips: Just get online image & print out and frame yourself


D.L. & CO. - Lattice Skull Candle Holder w/ Swarovski Crystals $160 


Damask Skull Pillow $31 


Silk Damask Pillow - SOLD OUT 

These Metallic sheen pillows are relatively easy to find by googling



Skull Decor Piece/Paper Weight $15


Featured Resin Deer Decor with Metal Stand $150 - SOLD OUT

Similar Product $50


Thomas Fuchs Marble Skull Ice Bucket $700


Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch - SOLD OUT

No worries. There are new & plenty of MQ skull clutches out there...




Suggested Item - Skull Scarf $12.99 

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