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Coastal Decor

Sarah W

Coastal Decor by watereverysunday

What would be there for Summer without beach and ocean?
We want to get away far far away where we can find some peace from this hectic world, smelling and listening to the ocean at the white sand beach.
What if you can't get away? Maybe you decorate your home in a costal theme?

With some right elements and items, your home or room will be instantly peaceful and easier to breathe.



*We are not affiliated with any brand/company/website products featured in this blog post except our own.

Suggested products are for inspiration and reference purpose only.


Bringing some right color, theme and decor objects can instantly change the scene. Go with ocean blue, aqua marine colors. Sea objects, nautical items and beach house furnitures. 



Ocean brushed seagrasses are the broken glasses that went into the sea and turned out softly tumbled and beautifully frosted by the motion of the sea.

This journey alone sounds so poetic!. Sharp edged, abandoned and broken pieces are softened and rounded by persistent persuasive sea of love, turned into something beautiful.

You can just bottle or dish these for decoration or top over the soil in your planters!

Decorative Sea Glass, Green & Yellow Mix, $10 Amazon.com


Krylon Aqua Sea Glass Spray Finish $8.99, hobbylobby.com

You can certainly DYI seagrass using paint spray.. Be creative.



Modern Coastal Accent Table Lamp 22"$59.99 target.com


HANDMADE RESIN COASTERS, $14.00 nordicpeace.com



What more be more representative of the flowers under the sea? Beautiful coral are the rose of the land at the sea. Starfish, seashells, whales, turtles also are the popular sea creatures can make this list. 

 Decorative Coral, Blue, $113 houzz.com


Scallop shell coral serving spoon, $80 vagabondhouse.com




What comes to mind when you think about your journey at the sea? Anchor, fishnets, sails, ship's steering wheel, light houses, jute ropes, candle lanterns, etc. 

Attractive Anchor Pillow, Polyester Filler, 18"x18", $80 froy.com

Parkdale 18" x 18" Faux Suede Pillow Cover - Compass, $17.99 walmart.com


Moraga Outdoor Pillow Cover and Insert, $22 per pillow Mayfair.com

Friedens Classic Hammock with Stand, $349.99 wayfair.com

Agora Colorblock Basket, Large, $45 vershop.com

Clear Glass Coastal Candle Lantern, $32 homedepot.com



Sound adds some realistic element to the scene. I particularly like to sleep with rain sound but who can say no to ocean breeze and wave sound to fall asleep.


White Noise Sounds Machine, $35 amazon.com


W A L L   A R T 

Wall arts are the backdrop of your theme and space. Big of small, these are the ones ultimately tie the loose item together into a cohesive frame.

Painting the wall with coastal colors is also another way to complement this decor.

Coastal Wall Art 4 Panel Seascape, $29 amazon.com


Abstract Seascape Beach, various price per size, contemporaryartbychristine.com



Add coffee table books, classic mobidick or other sea stories books to add some story to your decor. 





Seashells, hardcover book $19 amazon.com


Moby-Dick, by Herman Melville Hardcover $14 amazon.com


Another thing to do to enjoy the ocean more and in this decor is to watch My Octopus Teacher, an award winning documentary which takes place in the ocean. It is about an unexpected friendship developed between a free diver and an octopus?! It is lovely and beautifully sad at the same time…. 




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