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Serenity Bedroom Decor

sarah w

Fall is just around the corner as I write this. As the weather is getting more crispier by day, we want to stay and snuggle under the covers more, maybe with a cup of our favorite teas or books. 

Bedroom is your sanctuary. At the end of the day, this is the place you end up, rest, sleep and dream. Decorate it in serene surroundings like pretty satins, calm powder blue and rosy pink, cozy blankets, journals and candles, and enjoy your own serenity.

Be simple, soft and be manual a bit. Rest from the phone, TV and reality. Get away from the daily stress. Meditate and write journals to reflect your day.

I also think adding live flowers to the bedroom always reminds me of how beautiful life is. We are surrounded by beautiful things that a lot of times we miss to notice and enjoy. Beauty isn't just something that are pretty to look at. When we see things in their own forms, we do not see a fault or flaws. I see plants, skies and animals that are themselves and graceful as they are. Smell the flowers and touch the petals. They are soft like velvet and beau-tiful!~~ You feel instantly happier. 

Have a good night sleep and better dream so that tomorrow is always rosier than yesterday. 



Satin Sheets $49.99 - $114.00

Satin sheets always look luxurious and have those sensual feel at touch. 

Silk Sleep Mask  $45

I like silk pillow cases but some people love to have the sleep masks. These also prevent sleep creases.




Seabreeze Throw Blanket $32

Love these Chevron blankets over the bed sheets and duvets.


1984 Art Print (14x18) $115

Not sure what the artful mind behind this art but, I just like this because it is pretty.




David Bowie Glamour by Edward Bell PosterSOLD OUT

This print is from 1981 but, wow David Bowie was already wearing the current ruffle trends! 



ipad case $11.99

 I know. But a lot of my e-books are in the kindle.




kikiki.k Journals $27

 Journals are great to write and read about your own life. Really...


Byredo Loose Lips Candle $80

 This cult following candle has lipstick scents plus floral, pastels and Parisian bakery notes.


Graf von faber castell fountain pen $225 

Having these pens seem like a luxurious dream visit their website




Exit the Void Nail Polish $18

Not sure why. But this color really captured my eye and really want to wear it right now. And the name also is hard to resist - exit the void.



Mariage Frères Marco Polo Teas $26.50/30ps 

One of my all time favorite teas. Just looking at the tea bags, you feel rich. I've never seen anyone who doesn't like this tea. This is a one fine tea from the famous French tea house with really luxurious tastes. Black tea without darkness and bitterness and with complex sweet orange & floral notes. Really exquisite blend. 


Fresh Roses 

Go local, buy from a corner store or a flower shop. Just shopping for the flowers, you will feel happy.

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