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Marble Home

sarah w

Now is the prefect time for marbling your home. Cold and sleek marble surfaces and patterns add elegance and luxury. Minimalist style at its best, marble's natural swirls and curves are organic and modern at the same time. Bring this coolness to your home. It does not need to be real marble but anything with marble patterns will do.



Marble Side Table $795  Featured Item - SOLD OUT
Similar Product $299 on sale (reg $799) franceandson.com


Agate Slice Desk Clock $180 - featured item (above) - SOLD OUT
Similar Agate Clock Products $65-70 at etsy.com
Marble Base Lamp - SOLD OUT
Similar Lamp at lampsplus.com

Orbis Marble Lamp $155 amara.com

Featured Marble Plater & Pencil Holder set $44 macy.com - SOLD OUT
Marble Pencil Holder $49 etsy.com
Marble Desk Top LED Clock $80 popmap.com


Marble iPhone Case $40 casetify.com
Similar Pink Marble iPhone Case $12 watereverysunday.com
Marble Acetate Sunglass $30 princesspolly.com



Marble Glass Candle $24.50 bathandbodyworks.com

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