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sarah w

I want to be there now...... 

Imagine yourself on a beach. Feel the breeze and peacefulness from the beach. Walk and bike along the seaside. Take a portable radio to enjoy the moment with cool music. Collect the seashells and listen to the ocean thru them. Read books in a hammock.

Whether you own one or not, these beach house & coastal decor themes are great for Summer to feel like you are there.

I love the ceiling fan, nautical rugs and portable retro radio. Have seashells in a bowl by the door and living room. Go nautical. Add sea scented candles and scents!  

Here is a mix of cool & chilling out Beach Music for you to listen and relax!




You can shop the exact items at polyvore, too.

Antique Brass Ceiling Fan $370 amazon.com

Beach Bella Bicycle $278 amazon.com


Oval Beach Mirror $530 SOLD OUT - Similar Product Azure Mosaic Oval Mirror $229 pier1.com


Retro Sonbird Radio $50 SOLD OUT - Similar Product Portable AM/FM Radio $27 amazon.com


Nautical Rug $49 SOLD OUT - Similar Product Nautical Navy Accent Rug $36 homedepot.com  


Fiber Rug Price varies by size, rugsusa.com


The Seaside House Coffee Table Book $33 amazon.com

Life's a Beach Candle 9 oz $32: votive $12, jscandlestudio.com


MAISON MARGIELA’REPLICA’ Beach Walk $126, sephora.com



Gold Plated Shell $39 SOLDOUT - Similar Product Mixed bag of Seashells $26.95, amazon.com


Check out another coastal decor style on polyvore

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