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Dark Floral Decor

Sarah W

Dark Floral Decor by watereverysunday


Classy-ful and artful like the rich Dutch oil paintings in the museums, dark floral prints are one of our favorite flower prints. Full of dark romance and drama, the starkly black and shadowy background accentuates and highlights like the innocent feminine beauty of the flowers in the nights. Faded colors and stillness of the floral prints bring out nostalgic feelings. Shadowy brush strokes and the 3D elements of the scenes add a realistic view, then the shadowy background denotes unrealistic dark fantasies and unfinished stories in the hiding. It is like our lives. You have happiness and goodness like the full blown flowers, backed by unhappiness and shadow side in the contrast. We live our lives balancing light and darkness… don't  you agree?

Now let's stop being too dramatic and philosophical, and going back to the how-to.

Please note and do not confuse the dark floral theme with wild flowers in 2D, which rather fall under bohemian or Hawaiian/tropical florals than dark floral prints. Just imagine victorian style when decorating with dark florals. 

Dark floral decor is also a perfect decorating theme during a season change, especially from a hotter to a cooler one. By adding these dark floral items to lighter summery scenes, it slowly helps and eases the transition without investing too much or a drastic change. So to say, take it easy! 

How do we do this? Let's find out.


*We are not affiliated with any brand/company/website products featured in this blog post except our own. 


There are literally hundreds of bedding sets in this print. Do not be only limited to black sheets but also try rich dark green or chocolate colors.





Real or artificial, floral arrangement adds instant prettiness to any setting. Roses, Peonies or orchids. The key to the dark floral arrangement is the rich dark green leaf branches and using a solid black flower vase to color contrast the light flower center pieces. 



Stainless steel black round vase, $19.95 / blackberrylux.com



How to instantly change your lounging scene? With new throw blankets and cushions. Try accent items rather than going a full blown sized items in order to avoid too much darkness in your decor from this print.





You can certainly go with dark floral print furniture for an impactful look but  once you invest on such a piece, you might stuck with the theme for a while and hard to incorporate when you want some change. That said, work with what you already have or invest in clean and simple pieces that can be a clean base for any theme.

Pastel velvet or solid color upholstered chairs are great for balancing out the darkness of the prints. Choose minimalist or a bit modern style, such as mid-century style pieces against dark floral's classic theme, complementing and also softening the the dark elements. Baby pink or neutral colors provide a clean and also soft base canvas for this decor.  If you feel solid upholstery is too simple, add some texture like woven fabrics or tufted details. 



Glistening pottery and dishes are not only pretty but also add some delights to your dining scenes. Bring out your tea pots in dark florals from your cupboard and display. And loose teas are pretty much in the dark floral theme already!

As for other little decor items, you might find them easily in many stationary or souvenir stores. Common or rare findings, place them to sprinkle some unexpected elements to your surroundings and bring back happy memories to re-enjoy. These could also be conversation starters for any visitors to your newly dark floral-ed abode. 


Ted Baker Portmeirion Rosie Lee Tea For One, $191.95 / sold out


Victorian Rose Tea For One, $50 / victoriantradingco.com



This tea really tastes like roses and flowers, not to mention it comes in a beautiful tin packaging that stays pretty after finishing all your teas and  recyclable for other pretty use.
Midnight Garden Paperweight, $24 / store.metmuseum.org


Living in NYC has afforded me pleasant and regular visits to the Met Museum. Browsing and shopping in the Met Stores after different exhibitions have been casual yet artful events. Inspired or occasionally picking up unusual pieces for myself or others certainly bring some joy in life. 

Midnight Garden Collection at the Met Store - Check out here.



Decor without wall arts seems incomplete. Small, medium or big, incorporate it to the walls, console tables and even on the floors.


Dutch Golden Age Floral Painting Poster, 18”x24”, $30 / society6.com 



Golden or brass metals framed lighting pieces and floral or capiz seashell patent lights or lamp shade are great to add some luxury feeling in middle of the dark floral decor. 


VENUS PENDANT, $599.00 / lightopiaonline.com





Rosy scents with some leather, dark wood, muskiness and orchid family scents complement this decor by adding some nostalgia and mystery. 



Marni Luxury Edition Eau de Parfum Marni, find on eBay.com / amazon.com


TEMPO EAU DE PARFUM, 75ml $205 / diptyqueparis.com


Burning Rose - Candle 70g, $45 / BYREDO.com



 Are you darkly floral-ed enough now? Happy Dark Floral Decor everyone! 



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