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Spring Floral Decor

Sarah W

Spring Floral Decor by watereverysunday


How time flies. It wasn't that long ago when I blogged about Dark Floral Decor during the fall. Since then Winter had come and left. We now have Spring to bloom again! That said, here comes spring floral decor.

Bring all the floral things into your life and smell the flowers and roses. Celebrate the new season with spring flowers.

How do we do this? Actually Spring floral decor is quite easier than other floral decor such as dark florals. Just put together all the bright and colorful florals. Pattern clash works quite well here.

Just imagine you were at a field where flowers were wildly blooming, and picked random bouquet of flowers to home. It's that feeling - fresh, random & organic. 




If you have seasonal allergies, having flowers in your bedroom would be a miserable event. But floral beddings? No problem. Whether you choose to go rosy or botany, enjoy the newness of the season blooming pretty.


Boho Floral Queen Duvet Set, $59 amazon.com

Floral Duvet Cover Queen Set, Red Green Rose $49.99 amazon.com




Believe or not, upholstered in floral furniture such as sofa, loveseat or chair would do it. However, it is a big investment as when cold season comes we would need to cover up the florals. Therefore, you can simply fabricate the furnitures with floral prints fabric. 

Floral prints go well with golden furniture. Gold Brass casing or legs would work well. 

14 Karat Home Floral Loveseat Sofa, IVORY $389.69 walmart.com



55 Downing Street Luxury Gold Leaf Metal Accent Table, $329.99 target.com




Throw blanket, curtains, cushions or towels are easy to change and perfect items to add spring florals to this theme. Don't be only limited yourself to fabrics, there are wall papers and others that easily DIY to do this decor. 



Floral Stretch Couch Cover, $28, amazon.com



Simulation Rose Flower Throw Pillow, $42, wayfair.com



Juicy Couture Embroidered Velvet Pillow, $35 macys.com





Cackleberry Home Floral Bath Towels, $35 amazon.com



W A L L    A R T S 

Flowers and florals, 2D or 3D. Choose your flowers. Regardless of the sizes, hang over walls or place on the table tops or shelves. Place your flowers everywhere like spring flowers that are pops up everywhere in Spring.


Davis Ashley - Pink Flower Diamond 12x12, $29.99 walmart.com


Oliver Gal 'Enjoy The Little Things' Wall Art, 12 x 12, $55.99 overstock.com




C O F F E E   T A B L E   B O O K S

Adding flower coffee table books instantly set the theme for your decor of the rooms - living quarter or bedroom and these will allow you to actually sit down and read, and learn more of flowers! Literally to say, instead of stop and smell the flowers to read the flowers.


Redouté. The Book of Flowers, $22.71, amazon.com


French Blooms: Floral Arrangements, $36 amazon.com



K I T C H E N   I T E M S

Adding new tea time items to decor complete the look. Tea pots and cups, little plates in spring floral pattern to make your spring more enjoyable. 

Wedgwood Pink Cuckoo Teacup and Saucer, $85 macys.com

Bernardaud Favorita Coupe Bread & Butter Plate, Floral $69 walmart.com


ROSE GARDEN TRAY, $45, cambridgeuncommon.com

12-Piece "Pink Flower" Truffle Tin, $40  johnderian.com

 Enjoy the truffle chocolates the use the pretty box for decoration.


Cute Retro Cherries Flask, $24.80 zazzle.com




Scents set our mood and add finishing touch to the decor scene. You don't need to go all flowery but choose your favorites for Spring seasons, something fresh and pleasant.  Candles and toiletries that works both as decor objects and add fragrance to your surroundings and daily routine.

D.S. & Durga Wild Brooklyn Lavender Scented Candle, $70 dsanddurga.com


La Chatelaine Orange Hand Cream TrioTin Gift Set, $28 lachatelainebeauty.com

SUNSET IN PROCIDA SOAP BAR, $8.50 skinandco.com


Panier des Sens Precious Jasmine Liquid Hand Soap, $19 panierdessens.com






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