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California Cool Decor

sarah w

Summer is slowly heating up as we speak of June. Soon we will have all the summer fun, but also the scorching heat and the humidity. So how do we keep our cools? How about some California Cool to your home? 

Imagine the California beaches and surfing days. Bring in the airy desert coolness into you home. California cool decor involves some nostalgic feelings. Some retro pieces, desert plants, native American and Mexican motives, and some mid century modern furnitures.

Imagine the clean and vast negative space of ocean and the desert. Somewhat muted pastel colors, organically washed by sand and salt. It is a bit like those dreams that we wake up to forget in the morning then we continue to dream again every night.

Take it easy. Relax. Think about your California dreams. Maybe listen to the song - "California Dreamin'".... (It was actually written on a winter day in NYC dreaming about warm California days. So keep dreaming! 



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Handmade Mexican Yoga Mat $28, westpath.com

westpath has a really cool variety of handmade Mexican/Aztec pattern falsa blankets. Check out here!


Superior Surf Canvas Print Connor Nelson (19"x13") $92, society6.com


Cali Day Fine Art Canvas Print 45"x30" $135 (on sale), houzz.com


Bai Square Retro Wall Clock $24, amazon.com


Crosely Cruiser Turntable $65.99, target.com


Bike & Board Throw Pillow Case $19.99, caseshells.com


Tuscany Linen Sage Diamond Chain Throw Pillow $44.95, houzz.com


Vintage Blue Campervan €14.99, therange.co.uk

Featured Green Leather Club Chair - No Longer Available 

Suggest Product:

Curvo Mid Century Accent Chair $170 (on sale), houzz.com


Decorative Cactus Garden with Cement Planter $72, overstock.com







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