Spring Bedroom Decor

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Hello May!  Spring is full-blown now and our bedrooms need some blossoming, too.  And I think yellow is one of the perfect colors for that and especially for these spring to summer months - still cozy but definitely spring written all over it. I love pink, too! 

Everyone probably did some spring cleaning by now so the rooms can afford some space than before. Now you are ready to spread pastel bed sheets, bring flowers and plants into the cleared space, and add spring scents with candles and diffusers.

I am really loving the idea of having colorful Acapulco Weave Chairs or maybe bringing wicker chairs in the room as these not only add colors to the room but also instantly change the room's temperature from fall/winter to spring/summer. Just don't forget to add chair rubber feet to protect the floor from scratch if you have hardwood floors.

Now you are ready to breathe the spring right in while you are sleeping and dreaming - daydreaming included...



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Innit Weave Chairs $398-$430, or


SONGMICS 3-Piece Outdoor Seating Acapulco Chair, $119



Charter Club Pastel 4 pc Bedsheets $32-$70,

or basic pastel bedsheets are easily found online or in store


Featured Yellow Quilt Blanket - Not Available

Suggested Product:

DII Zig Zag Throw Collection Modern Woven Cotton, 50x60, $35 



"Sweet Succulents" by Marmont Hill Morgan Hartley, (16"x18") $163.99,


Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot $6, SOLD OUT

Similar Succulent Plant Pots


Small Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots Set of 6, $15.99


Henri Bendel Spring Meadow Candle - Not Available

Suggested Product:

Kimono Rose Candle, $32

Still the one of the best candles I had and kept going back and repurchase.


Voluspa Textured Glass Candle, Rose Otto $24,

The candle case with lid is so beautiful and functional at the same time.


NEW! Voluspa Macaron 3 Candle Gift Set - ROSES $39,

Love these new macaron candles!! Macaron shaped textured glass cases in jewel tones are not only pretty but also worth keeping. Perfect to try while sitting lovely by the bed both at home or while on the road!


Image: Pinterest -

Add real flowers and plants to the bedroom. I usually just recycle old candle glasses and like to arrange the flowers with short stems like the photos and place over my bedroom books and diary. If preferred, long stems in a clear vase to show the branches always feel really spring.

Mercury glass vase or candle votives are also another pieces to add a little luxurious look. As like from the wedding scenes those are rustically beautiful.


Clear Glass Cylinder Vase $22



Gold Mercury Glass Vase $19.80,


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