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Bright Rugs Decor

sarah w

Chiller season is nearing and we will soon look for more coziness as we tend to be more homebound. Away from summery light fabrics and washed pale colors, we like bolder and richer fall/winter colors.

An instant way to change of the season at home is with colorful rugs. If you don't like bold and solid colors, you can try to mix colors and patterns. For that, mix and match carpet tiles are the ones you should try. They look fun for sure and certainly bring out some of your creative and artistic sides. I have bought some of those in the past and used. Definitely love them. Quite affordable. Now I feel like to shop more. 

The advantage of these carpet tiles are you don't need to go for full floor commitment. You can just entertain the idea with only handful of tiles because these tiles can also be cut into halves then mix matched with as you like. Adds some bright colors to your porch, stairways or as runners. 

Keep other things organic and modern. Minimalist and earthy decor pieces make the whole looks balanced and clean otherwise things get too busy or crazy with bright colors and patterned floors.

Just keep in mind that the idea of bright colorful rugs is for color pops, the element of surprise. 



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FLOR Stripe Carpet Tile in Parallel Reality Series $14.99-20 per tile

FLOR Stripe Carpet Tile in House Pet & Made You Look $12-$20 per tile


Hans Wagner Shell Chair in Cowhide $1445, roveconcepts.com

Similar Chair

Tripod Plywood Lounge Chair $699 ON SALE, houzz.com


Similar Marble Wall Clock $69.95, cb2.com


Modern Yoga Woman Stone Sculpture Figures $129.95, pier1.com

The Fairbanks Coffee Table by Coaster Furniture $299, furniturepick.com


Similar Orange Scent Candle:

ila-spa Orange Blossom Candle $38, amazon.com

Salvatore Ferragamo Rainbow Stripe Sandals $995, SOLD OUT

Suggest Rainbow Shoes

Sidney Multi Color Block Genuine Leather Loafer

Sidney Multi Color Block Genuine Leather Loafer $88, Slides $86


Red Converse Chuck Taylor All Star $50, nike/converse.com


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