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DIY Minimalist Nail Art

sarah w

Whether you are a nail art lover who visits nail shops regularly or just a believer in DIY, this minimalist yet clearly artistic nail art is quite fun to do and eye catching. All you need are clean nails and your imaginations. I've tried this several times myself and I certainly loved it and got some attention because they look unusual and pretty.

Actually the less is more rule is quite right on this case. You probably won't even need to buy anything. All you need is a clear polish or top coat, or even pale pink or nude colors to prepare the clean base and use all your colors to create something of your own. 




*This applies to a lot of things in life in fact

Preferably(?) wash your hands first. Clean and trim nails and cuticles if you need. Buffer them. Buffering is a great way to smooth and prepare nails for better application of nail colors, but also it is good for the nail health as well.

I love~~~ these Buffering squares. Theses are genius inventions that provide instant shines to your nails just by going through those four sides. If you have never tried these, you will be amazed how shiny your nails are and you don't even need nail polish after.

Personal Nail Care Kit $7.99 

I own a similar one myself and it's a great investment. Portable, organized all-in-one. Just perfect. Some kits have a leather buffer as well if you prefer.

Nail File & Buffer Square $10

I love love love this buffer squares. The nail transformation with this wedge square is almost instant and clearly visible.

Glass Nail Files $7.69 

If you care about your nails, you should file them, not clip. But clipping is also needed time to time. Any nail files would do, but this glass nail files last longer and have great reviews.

All Products are available on Amazon.com


2. Apply Clear Coat

Prepare the base canvas. You can either go with clear or nude colors like ballerina pink or pale peach. Just one coat is all you need. You want to have the transparent nails that show the natural colors. Not recommending actual white polish which creates chalky lines and will not provide the look we want here.

Any clear nail polish or top coat will do. Any pale french nail colors will do.

Wait until dry. Please.



3. Be Creative

Again use what you already have. Create something yourself. I like making flower dots using dark purple, metallic Blue and silver. Very catch look like hand henna and cute tattoos.

Go minimal or unique as you wish. Some examples below. You don't need to worry about being too neat as you want them to look organic and have all nails have different looks. But of course, there is no rules. You are the rules. I also love the simple dot thing in the last photo. They are elegant and pretty with those finger rings.

Use DIY tools you already have. I don't use any tools for mine as the nail brushes are already good enough for me. However, you have to make sure your base coats are all dry so your creation will not smudge. Use toothpicks, Q-tips without the cottons, Bobby Pins and imagine. This is DIY.

Image source: fashionmagazine fudge

Image source: instagram

Image source: lovefrom-lisa.blogspot.co.uk


4. Show To The World

Enjoy the day and if someone compliments, thank them. If someone says it is ugly, do not curse them. Repent, Repeat & Recreate. We all make mistakes. It is totally ok. It is the privilege of being human.

Just one of the ideas for making everyday a bit interesting... Hope you enjoyed it.

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