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Color Mascaras

sarah w

I admit that I maybe only countable times used colored mascara in my life. I don’t really use mascara because I easily get raccoon eyes and I perm my eyelashes so that I don’t need to wear mascaras since they are already curled up. With the lashes permed, it has less chance to bleed with mascara then, it hits my eyelids. Sigh.. Does this happen to you, too?

However, this trend is on and you've got to try as girls are going as colorful as they’ve ever been and started befriending those strong ombre and rainbow hairs. Ombre, rainbow and even grays are now easily seen on streets these days. I live in NYC so it is more than usual. The other day, I saw bright yellow hairs with purple at the roots on a NYC street (Williamsburg…) on a guy! Sitting at a café watching people’s hair colors was fun. But, the difference of these hair color trends from the past is that they have more futuristic and cleaner looks than the punk days. Most of all, people who are fashioning the colorful hairs are normal people not fully hard rockers or grunge. That being said, I am saying that these color mascaras are pretty much very conservative compared that.

Purple and Blues are the easiest to wear since these colors are subtle unless under certain lights but, when they are the lashes are more visible, beautifully fanned out and compliment your eye colors. Hot Pink and Red have been really popular on runways. 


By the way, on runways models had their eyebrows colored and color streaks added to the hairs as well. Look at this one (below). So, we can color your eyebrows and streak your mascara over your hairs, too. However, for eyebrows you need to base your eyebrows with white pencil or shadow to cancel out your natural brow color so that the final color stands out.

    Colorful Eyebrows by watereverysunday on Polyvore

Now back to Color Mascaras. Since this trend has been going on for a while, there are more colors out there than the past when kind of dark blues and purples are the only options then. Teal Green is one people find awesome.

Maybelline Great Lash So Very Berry Teal Appeal Wink of Pink Vision in Violet

Or you can use your clear mascara and top with your colorful eyeshadows to set. Though, the color should be highly pigmented matte and bright primary colors otherwise, they won’t reflect the original color. Just like when you use blue or green eye shadows, sometimes you can’t tell if it is blue or green once applied on your eyelids because of your skin color.

If you are so adventurous, you can also multi-color your eyelashes. That sounds fun like Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino and Halloween.

Karity Cosmetics 21 Highly Pigmented Professional Eyeshadow Palette  COVERGIRL Professional Natural Lash Clear Mascara NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner 604 Milk

Or all Snow White etherial look. That's beautiful and kind of like a Snow Queen! 

Hope you enjoyed the reading and have fun with beautifying your eyelashes~~!! It is worth trying! 

Image source: fromobscuretodemure.tumblr.com


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