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Beach Hair

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Summer is right here and we want to be at the beach, maybe right now?! Ocean, Sun, Tans, Bikinis (one-pieces are gaining the popularity now, though) and cool Drinks…. But one of the most enviable looks from the beach is the hair!! Naturally sun bleached and tousled waves with touch of salts, hairs are gorgeously wavy and remind us of mermaids and Greek goddesses.

We don’t need to go to beach everyday to achieve this look. We know that. But, even if you've been to the beach, you kinda wanna keep that look for everyday, too. 

photo credit: Midori Bikinis

photo credit: Elle France

Carrie, Sex and the City

So how do we bring this beach look to the city!?!? 

My below Polyvore set about beach hair pretty much sums up on how to do this hair style in one spread but…. Read on. There are a lot more to be said than meet the eyes.



Give it a good Wash using shampoos or even hair soap that deep cleans your scalp and hair. If you have some oil built up on your hair, try different shampoos or anti-residue shampoo to clear out any oil or product build-ups. I think everyone knows by now that they need to rotate shampoos to prevent from these build-ups. If you use one kind of shampoos only, you end up piling up its own ingredients since it can not clean itself out, even though first it meant well. Just think about the soap scums. Technically, they shouldn't be scums to begin with because they're supposed to clean, right? And you need soap scum cleaner to clean them out. So, got it?

These residues are especially unhealthy for the scalp and hair follicles since they basically block and suffocate the roots and even cause hair loss. It is now a well known fact that DHT(dihydrotestosterone) in the hair follicles is the main culprit of hair loss and this should be cleaned out properly to prevent from hair loss and other scalp problems. Improper shampooing also contributes to unhealthy build ups and poor hair health.

So try to give a good and proper wash every time. Really lather the hell out of it. If your roots are dirty, it won't lather so repeat multiple time until you feel it lathers at your scalp and roots. Really massage not just top but near nape and side and back. Use your finger tips, no nails. Once it started to lather well enough on your scalp, you can move those lathers onto your hairs. If you are a believer of daily shampooing or have a dry hair, use co-wash for your second day. Co-wash is a kind of like cream or milk face cleanser for hairs. If colored, use sulfate free and shampoos for color treated hair.

 Image credit: www.tabithajameskraan.co.uk

I love this Chain Hair Soap. It is a Japanese brand. It is not only smells great but it also gives really soft hair after washing. It lathers incredibly well as their ingredients are described as “amino acids that later well” They believe in philosophy of "appropriate washing" in order to maintain natural balance of the hair. Unfortunately, this product line is not publicly available in US. I’m getting it from my stylist in a NYC salon and only by walk-in, you can purchase. I've used their conditioner but I wasn’t so impressed neither by the scent nor performance, but the hair soap is just fantastic.

Alternative to this Hair Soap is MoltoBene Clay Estee Shampoo. Also introduced by my other hair stylist, I have been used it for many years. I used to buy from the salon but it is quite available online these days. This shampoo is designed to deep clean hair roots and scalp and you will just know that your hair is clean after using it plus your hair gets incredibly soft and you don’t really need a conditioner after. 

One of my recent great findings is Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo for Hair Loss & Regrowth. Generally I have a pretty healthy hair but recently I've realized that my regular coloring in lighter shades took a toll on my hair and it was thinning and frying out! I was losing my baby hairs by the temples! OMG. I was freaking out, literally. Then I found this shampoo on Amazon and have been using for several weeks now. The reviews are really positive and I was desperate, so I bought it! Now, I am so glad I did! I can see my hairs recovering from dryness and I am starting to see improvement in thickness and got some regrowth! It's supposed to clean those DHT built up on your hair that is responsible for hair loss (I am a woman but, who knows what's there.) and Argan oil is just so known to be good for hair.

Other than that, I love Aveda Shampure Shampoo for everyday. This shampoo just smells amazing as I can enjoy the smell of my hair all day long. This has been my default shampoo for as far as I can remember. Aveda line is all mainly plant extracts and environmentally friendly. They use recycled bottles and packages so I feel great about using their products in general. I have been a hair model for their show some years ago and heard some great insights from the top stylists that their products are actually built and formulated based on stylist’s requests and suggestions not just scientists, which is really awesome.

They recently introduced Be Curly Co-Wash product and I think it is great but haven’t necessarily seen much difference in my hair, and not quite sure what to expect what it is really about. But you can try. 

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Well, that was a lot of Shampooing but this is like skincare for your hair so, very important!! If you want more details on correct shampooing. Read this article how to shampoo hair the right way. Pretty cool.


After a good wash, nourish hair by Deep Conditioning. I mean, you wash your face and moisturize it, so why not your hair? Creamy Deep Conditioner or Hair Oils are great in general. If you don’t use conditioner, use hair oil. I love the coconut oil pack. It is convenient, smells wonderful and does its job. This is especially important because you want great bouncy waves, not dry frizzy fizzling waves. My hair is kind of semi dry so I use both – conditioner & hair oil. 

One of the best conditioners I've ever used is Bumble & Bumble Super Rich Conditioner. This was the one for me. It basically fills in the blank for anything my hair lacks. Feeling like a night repair cream. But, if you have an oily hair you might want to skip this. Really great for curly and frizzy hairs. Alternative to this is Aveda pure abundance volumizing clay conditioner. This one has natural clay and bulking agents that are great for fine hair and oily since these ingredients are not only great for volumizing by adding textures, but also mattifying.

Another one I keep going back is this RUSK Sensories Calm Guarana and Ginger Nourishing Conditioner. This conditioner is kind of runny and thin for a conditioner and I have no idea why but this conditioner resulted in hair growth on me. Whenever I’ve been using this, my stylist commented that I’ve got more hairs in volume! I googled and read that Guarana is rich in Caffeine and Ginger is known to invigorate and stimulate scalp for hair growth. Hmm, that's why. The feel of using this conditioner is like a runny milky lotion but once in contact with the hair, it is immediately absorbed to hair not like some others just sitting on gliding, and I feel that the hair is stronger all of sudden. 

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You can also use hair oil of any kinds. Argan oil is really known for hair wellbeing. These are everywhere and many products out there in various price range.  Personally, regardless of the price, all works. Try Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil. Affordable yet does its job. Or, just use organic coconut oil at home. Or this individually packed ones. Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack (this product price doubled since became famous last year). Maybe go with Palmer's Formula Leave-in Conditioner, Coconut Oil instead, to be economical. These hair oils can go actually after towel dry.


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Whether oil or conditioner, you need to let them sit on your hair for at least 2 minutes before next step. Anything you put on, needs time to be absorbed. 

Now towel dry and DO NOT BRUSH! Finger Comb. People worry that they would be tangled but they actually would not, as your conditioner should have loosened and detangled them already.


If you are a lazy beauty(?) like me. Wash your hair at night and knot it up as a bun and just sleep on. This is pretty much a fool proof method. When you wake up in the morning, you've got gorgeous silky curls and you have more time for coffee and breakfast. Giselle Bundchen once told this is how she gets her beautiful wavy hair and I’ve tried for many years, and it works! Experiment with high or low buns or, one or several sectioned as they give different curls. Braiding works, too! Typically, high buns give you overall curls and low buns give wavy ends.


If you are a skilled hair dryer or Iron expert, you kind of already know what to do. Blow dry as usual. Grab random chunk sections of your hair, twist or braid them then go over with flat iron. With hair dryer, give random nozzle heats to the twists and braids. Once done, carefully undone the braids & curls and again, DO NOT BRUSH, but separate curls with fingers and be gentle. Give gentle cold dryer air to set the curls. 

METHOD FOR SKILLED BEAUTIES – Twists, Braids and Flat Iron/Brow Dry



Now you’ve got nice curls and waves but something is missing from the ocean. The sea salt. This is the pretty much the key to the beach hair since this provides that specific out of the sea & dried hair look. These add texture to your hair and there are many spray products out there. Apply the sea salt texturizer to the roots for volume and spray all over your hair to style. You can give a mild blow dry to set the styling. All finger styling is totally fine. I do that all the time, but squeeze hairs with hands and UP! You can hair spray if you prefer. Light styling lotion/wax work, but be gentle so you don’t lose the curls and waves! Even if you lose, it is not the end of the world. You still look gorgeous. Don't we all hate people who look too perfect? What's the real beauty in that?


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Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine This B&B Brilliantine is one of my all time favorite hair styling products. It has a lotion like texture without being runny, and this lightness that gives incredible “I just woke up like this" hair. There is this hard to define polish and shines like, I would say it is like what the face illuminators do. It is there but can't tell what it is, but everyone sees it is there. And you just need a dime size. Someone at a beauty store swore by it and I bought along and she was right. Girls don’t lie!! I mean, I believe them.

SPF - optional

 The last, but not the least. SPF your hair. This is optional, but I have to add. Hair also needs sun protection and spray product would be the best for it.

Clarins Sun Care High Protection for Beautiful Body and Hair UVA/UVB 30 Oil Spray

Second Day Hair? Even better.  

I know most people wash hair everyday but I have to admit that second day hairs look always better, but third day? No. Knot as a bun and sleep on for the second day. And you would kind of wonder maybe the second time is the charm! Use dry shampoo (optional), salt spray and styling as above.

Now Voila, you have gorgeous hair like hers. Isn't she lovely? Well, you know that that is not me. She is a model. You might not achieve beach hairs like hers, but you might feel like her. That's enough.

Now you can have your beach hair for 365 days, if that's what you want. 

This was really long and I kind of thought I was writing a thesis for this blog post. I hope some people find it useful and informative, and possibly give me a passing grade. I didn't want it to look like it is a product reviews but, I did try all of them myself and a lot of times I wanted to have products suggested in the blogs for me to try out rather than just information because it is useful but I still need to search and decide on which product to buy.

Thank you for reading. Really... 


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