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Travel Blog Style II

sarah w

Autumn is upon us and as we all know fall traveling has many beautifies of its own. Golden harvest, falling leaves and magically beautiful fall foliage.

Fall is also the time for soul searching... Go on a road trip by car or train. Visit towns you've never been. Meet new people. Be free. Be enchanted. Look for adventure around every corner! After all, life is an adventure. Love yourself!

 Are you excited, yet? 



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Suggested Relaxed Sweater


Emily Destroyed Cropped Sweater $39.99 

J Brand Skinny Cargo Jeans $354, farfetch.com


Anja Black High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans $49.99

Jordana Cargo Chained Utility Pants $49.99


Brixton Wide Brim Wool Fedora $22


Becca Studs & Belts Motorcycle Boots $88

Distressed Denim Brocade Mid Ankle Boots $85

Metal Leaves Mini Suede Shoulder Bag $25


Effie Vintage Distressed Leather Cylinder Bag $41.99


Bohemian Feather & Fringe Suede Messenger Bag $27.99


Similar Genuine Leather Fingerless Gloves

Jewel Embellished Fingerless Gloves $45


Frazer Parum Namibia Solid Perfume $60, garmentory.com


Similar Suggested Solid Perfume 

Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'Eau Solid Perfume $50


* Really love these two solid perfume. Gorgeously scented with beautiful cases. Perfect purse perfumes. 



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