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How to Wear Oxford Brogues

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 Image Source: Daily Look by watereverysunday 


Ugly dad sneakers are one of the hottest things right now on the fashion streets but it is not something that you could wear to work or formal enough in daily terms. So here come the oxford brogues. As cool as your dad's, boyfriends and husbands, these dandy shoes look fantastic in any style setting.

You think brogues and oxfords aren't casual or colorful enough? Think again. From color patched, solid to metallic, brogues have evolving with trendy elements but keeping the classy charm and attitude. 


Here are fabulous ways to wear brogues...



MIDI SKIRTS - With popular midi skirts such like pleated or pencil skirts, brogues look semi-formal, feminine and great choice for daily casual looks or even appropriate for work.

Image Source: Blanc & Noir by watereverysunday 

Socked Brogue with pleated skirts look fashion forward enough yet sensibly classic.


Daily Look: Fashion Set by watereverysunday 

If you want some casual but a little bit of edgy and rock&roll attitude, try graphic top, glitter pencil skirt and leather jacket combo. Polished oxford brogues balanced this funky look, also with some nerdy glasses. 


MINI SKIRTS & SHORTS - Any skirts and shorts at mini length work great with dandy brogues. Perfect way to show off legs while keeping the classy coolness. Do try Mini skirts, mini dress or rompers. Of course, denim shorts and skirts included.

Image Source: POPSUGAR

This romantic ruffle blouse & shorts combo looks perfect and stylish with a pair of two tone classic brogue that a woman behind was taking a shot of her.


Image Source: get the look: school girl by watereverysunday

This school girl inspired look was unexpectedly nerdy charming and just plain adorable like school uniforms. She (Man Repeller) is wearing red loafers but red brogues also work as well. 




Whether mini, midi or maxi dress, a pair of oxford brogue make the outfits a little more formal than without. But, brogues also adds somewhat sporty and preppy air to the dresses by balancing the high femininity with some masculine structure. Also try metallic pairs for trendy and fashion forward look.

Image Source: lookastic

She matched metallic platform brogues with same color crossbody bag against maxi printed dress. quite casually sporty.

Image Source: getty image

We've learnt some lessons from Fashion Editor Eva Chen here. This sleeveless double breasted mini dress work so well together with matched color brogues like match made in heaven, and the pink power here is quite irresistible.



Menswear inspired dandy looks are the ones you are aiming for with pants.  Cropped or wide legged pants, both work but they look more stylish with cropped length, especially when showing the ankles.

Image Source: Collagevintage


Image Source: whowhatwearuk

This gold pair brogues look so unexpectedly hot and work like a golden star in this model off duty style. The printed socks shows Fei Fei Sun has some serious style sense.

 Image Source: Pinterest

Suiting is the classic way to wear brogues but this pinstripe blazer and skinny pants combo qualifies for street style star and club ready. Leather pants would work, too.


Image Source: Style Du Monde

Floral pajama pants and brogue make a fantastic fashion pair! 


Image Source: topdreamer.com

This stolen from Italian boyfriend, tomboyish look with baggy pants are a classic menswear inspired look.


Jeans would cry if left out. Pair with skinny, wide legged, cropped and more. 

Image Source: Always Keep Things Fresh by watereverysunday 

The color contrast brogues make all things so fresh here, right?

Image Source: ejstyle.co.uk

Here Victoria Beckham shows how to wear brogue with black skinny jeans & long coat.


Image Source: Dresslily

These cropped wide leg jeans look great with classic color brogues! Also work with culottes! 

Image Source: Pinterest

With boyfriend jeans...



It seems socks do play a big role when paired with brogues. They accentuate the ankles, knees and all together complement and complete the dandy looks. 

Add ankle or knee high socks. Go with solid, patterned, printed... Be creative!

Image Source: buro247.kz

Image Source: elle






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