Modern Victorian

sarah w

Modern Victorian Themes are in! Mixed with ruffle edges, embellishment and lace-ups, modernized victorian styles are luxurious and fashionable. Silhouettes are tailored fit with stand collars and fitted arms and legs. Also some elements of high society sports are in the mix, such as fencing and horseback ridings. Love it.



Gucci Dragon Embroidered Wool Coat $3980

So $$$ but so pretty. Dragon embroideries are so popular together with tigers.

Alberta Ferretti Floral Intarsia Sweater $720 SOLD OUT

Intarsia sweaters are hotter than ever and this vintage floral embroidery mixed with lace sleeves are totally victorian in sweater form. 

Similar Product: Guess Cleo Tiger Sweater $49.99 (on sale!), Macy's

Quilted Down Pencil Sweatpants $48

Quilted pants are like those from fencing or ski sports. Warmth comes with style.


Tatiana Velvet Lace-Up Booties $88,

Lace-up details are a major part of victorian style. especially open and loop lacing.


J.Renee LIoret Clutch $99.95,

Plaids are hot this season. In folding clutching form, it looks even hotter.


Balenciaga Velvet Gloves $185, SOLD OUT

Velvets are too hot right now and in blue velvet? It is completed.

echo classic velvet tech gloves $39,




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