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Sorry... life catches up on you and sometimes hard for me to write blogs. Naturally not a good writer I feel, only things that really makes me write is when highly inspired, with some sense of humor and feeling good about self. That hasn't happened for a bit for whatever reason and I was stuck. I am sure everyone feels the same way time to time and hope to hear someone say "Nothing's wrong with that~~".

Anyways, this blog post is long over due sitting in my draft for a while. Procrastination is the word for it, but should not be used for long. So here we go.

New kind of chic is on. Library chic they call it, or I have to say nerdy chic. I was definitely hit by the fashion library during the recent fashion weeks for sure. All were so inspiring and awe-some but, we need to come back to our senses and daily lives, right?

Nerd chic looks had a turning point a couple of years back in Gucci collections. Oversized and embellished glasses with eccentric rich silk and embroideries in 70s and retrospective looks. All were quite overwhelming at first but brought Gucci back as a front runner in the fashion world and to the people. 

It is now easily fashioned by bloggers and editors in fashion weeks. The eccentric pattern mix, ugly sweater, vintage inspired granny pieces are considered high fashion. But, please use your style advisory wisely when reviving the past.

Let's study how to achieve this look.



Apart from the popular belief, they are literally sexy. I have been wearing glasses on and off last a couple of weeks - mine I got from Warby Parker (Free 5 days 5 Pairs home try, Morris in oak barrel but my style seemed sold out now), it has no vision power... but i wear whenever I feel I am not up to par in public, but apparently it gathers more attentions! Guys/Men told me there is something about girls/women with glasses. Glasses are not only for bad visions. It is officially a fashion piece, according to Gucci, by many and me. Approved.

Get Acetate, oversized or cat eyed for playfulness; Metallic and rimless ones for intelligence. Clear or a little tinted ones both work. I really like the different glass looks by the popular instagrammer tezza. You got the idea? 

Intelligent Chic

70s Fashion Chic

Cat Lady

College Chic


Ugly? Granny Vintage Sweater

You have to be a little bit careful with this one as to what looks truly retro and vintage than actual pieces from the yesteryears. So fashionable discretion is advised. Any sweater with embroidery and embellished intarsia style with somewhat oversized feature would be the one you want to have, not the tight fit ones at the moment. 

Image source: Vogue Spain

Image Source: Vogue UK

Image Source: styledumonde.com

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

Plaid Jacket/Blazer

Plaids are the really popular trends right now. Their sudden rise last Fall/Winter was unexpected but as the stripes trends got a bit down for the Fall and Winter, plaids, tartan and checks have picked up their places. Oversized and men's suiting were the inspiration it seems. I've seen an early trend prediction from Chiara Ferragini in Fendi Blazer last year (see below set) and now the trend has fully bloomed. The specific outfits that everyone is wearing right now is with jeans and something sporty in the mix. 


with sweater

Image: shopstyle.it

with hoodies

Image: harper's bazaar 

with statement/band tees 

Image: whowhatwear

MFW Street Style - Chiarra Ferragni by watereverysunday, polyvore

High Waisted Pants

You can relatively get away with mid rises but from the last couple of seasons and seasons forward, low rises are having a break. High rises were seen on runways for last 5 years or so but the public has not picked up to their likings due to the intimidating looks that we might need flat bellies and thin model measurements.
However, designers have responded; re-fitted for we people and these mom jeans became hotter than ever. Apart from the belief that they induce discomfort in the belly department, they are really comfy and actually reduce our tummy aches from wearing low rises. Plus it is figure flattering in the waistline to the hips. The S line that we typically get from the pencil skirts.  Jeans, culottes and wide legged flares, all are loved. The styling trend is tucking in your sweaters and tops or belting them tight at the waist. These looks were considered as granny and no no until last year, but it is the most popular style at the moment. How ironic is that?

For jeans, browse thrift stores for vintage or buy Levi's and cut the bottom and flay/cut out yourself because jeans these days are so reconstructed and you can DIY at home with your creative imagination. No need to pay $300+ for it and right jeans are so hard to find. 

This one looks like literally came out of 70s show, Charlie's Angel, right?
Image: elle.com
Yes, tuck in please.
Image: New York Magazine

Casual French Chics
Image: Vogue Paris


Mules & Mary Janes

Mules & Mary Jane Pumps are not going anywhere anytime soon. Sliders, slippers or wedge pumps, they are fundamentally ultra cool with block heels and chunky huge retro feels, then now they have been evolving into extravagant characters with embellishments. And mules and Mary Janes are particularly cool with socks. Don't wanna go too extreme? Get pearls on your heels or furs lined and keep your cools.

It all started with this Gucci Fur lined slippers and this will stay for a while.
Image: bloglovin'


Image: refinery29.com

Image: vogue.co.uk
Image: zsazsabellagio.com



All kinds of socks are having their time of life now. Glittered, tutus (so $$!!), sheers/opaque, fishnets or pattern prints & triple bands. Get them all and wear them with mules and Mary Jane pumps. You can't get any more perfect for this library & nerd chic looks.
Image: vogue germany
Tutu Socks with Gucci Mules
Image: panandthedream.com
Image: styledumone.com
Image: glamradar.com

Vintage Bag

Vintage croc or boxy bags that with retro feels would be the ones. You are a library chic so you need some preppy pieces that those professors would carry. Rich classic looking leather or boxy ones that you actually carry to the library. You don't want to carry your bling bling statement bag to library!!

Image: collegevintage.com
Image: collegevintage.com
Image: collegevintage.com


Have fun ladies. Intelligence is sexy. Women who speak their minds and know what they are saying is not only attractive but also highly inspiring  *

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