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Minimalist Style - All Knit Look

Sarah W


Minimalist Style by watereverysunday


Is your life too complicated? Here comes minimalist style for you. Clean and simple, who wouldn't love that and what you exactly you need right now. And clean and simple is one of the best advice given to any chaos, problem or life in general.

Clean lines give structured frame to the style such as oversized boxy lines rather than tight fitting to show your curves. We all know that cleaned and well ironed pieces alone can make the whole look a lot done and crispier. 

Mono tone or same color family style in basic designs also emphasizes the minimalistic theme. That does not mean you can play with textures like fabrics & patterns otherwise could be too bland or boring. 

I love the above all knit look in particular for the muted color theme, yet pieces are in different knitting patterns and textures. Then, by adding right amount of flavoring items to the clean canvas, effortlessly and tastefully upgrade the look. Such as adding a structured tote with elegant stripes, adding sporty baseball cap and a futuristic or nerdy framed eyewear for a surprise and to express you are not boring even though it is totally ok to be boring or playing boring and be chilling.  



*We are not affiliated with any brand/company/website products featured in this blog post except our own. 


Suggested Sweaters

Any oversized V-neck sweater would work but turtleneck or o-neck sweater also work.

Aerie Casual Turtleneck Wool Sweaters - 22 Colors, $58.00

Lori Funnel Turtleneck Wool Sweater - 4 Colors, $58.00

Suggested Knit Pants

Knit pants are taking over the world now. To be honest I lived in light knit pants for whole summer. The comfiness was something I could not part with. But had to stay fit, not to show that extras body lines. Solid Knit pants are a must right now. Wool, pleated or woven have them in handy. When you feel too revealing, I carry extra knit sweater to tie around waist for both look and the purpose. 


Gabrielle Corrugated Knit Solid Pants - 6 Colors, $48.00


Suggested Mules 

Simple design mules, slides or flats look great with knit pants or trousers. Wide leg trousers really compliment the flats. 

Fur Tassel Suede Mules - 3 Colors, $88.00

Illiana Glittering Buckle & Crystal Mules - 3 Colors, $72.00

Devora Origami Fold Minimalist Slippers - 3 Colors, $52.00


Suggested Minimalist Bags

Extra large totes have/will be trending either loose or structured, these goes well with feminine dresses to balance the femininity. Adding slight colors with structured stripes will add some fun in otherwise, it could be too blend outfit. Also solid color classic bags are also great to compliment minimalist style.

Striped Canvas Shopper Totes - 3 Colors, $54.00

Marla Diamond Quilted Puffer Totes - 5 Colors, $55.00

Fei Vintage Baguette Bag - 5 Colors, $52.00


Suggested Accessories 

-Baseball Caps-

This is a new trend, all over the runways. Bring out your baseball caps. Yet here you add faux leather one to match the look. Also suggest tweed one to luxe up the look. 

Faux Leather Baseball Caps, $24

Tweed Baseball Cap Hats - 4 Colors, $22.99



Oversized, nerdy or smart look sunglasses or glasses add some preppy and intelligent element to the look.



Gold or Silver, clean lined but chunky jewelry look great in this look. Rather than big shine or colorful gems - go with neural colored ones like quartz, ivory, mother of pearls or brushed metals. 


Tora Colorblock Resin Bracelet Bangle - 10 Colors, $20.00






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