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What to Wear Now - Bodysuits

Sarah W

Bodysuit & Shorts by watereverysunday


The weather is slowly turning into a cooling mode and our beloved summer is phasing out Our body is naturally in a sensible mode for the changing weather and our styling follows to reflect our needs. 

As we are approaching a between season, bodysuits are just perfect for that by being super versatile in layering, not only comfy but also being so sexy-ful. Yet, you want to be casually stylish than overly revealing.

How do we do this? There are several ways to be effortless chic and look polished. Let's find out!


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with Jeans and Shorts:

This is a no brainer. Pair with your favorite jeans and shorts. Sometimes, simple and clean is all you need. Just pair with a hip clutch and sunglass to add some coolness. 

Bodysuit & Distressed Good Denim by watereverysunday 

Lace-up Open Back Halter Bodysuit - 2 Colors, $28

Gina Backless Long Sleeve Bodysuit, $28


with Wrap Skirts

Personally think it works best with drapery wrap skirts at ankle length midi skirts or wrap front wide leg trousers. Like the style set below, ruffle edged items work to make the looks more styled and romantic!

 Bodysuit & Wrap Skirt by watereverysunday


Lyssa Asymmetric Crushed Satin Wrap Skirt, $64.99

Fiona Printed Wide Leg Wrap Trouser, $42


with Oversized Cardigans

When pairing with shorts or mini skirt, a loose oversized cardigan is perfect for cooler night or indoor A/C for sudden chills or to cover up a bit of too revealing style. 

It is also a great transition look from gym workout to streets or the other way around. Pair with your fashionable running sneakers and be a sporty chic!

 Bodysuit & Shorts & Running Shoes by watereverysunday


Lazy Day Fashion by watereverysunday



Jennifer Chunky Hand Knit Cardigan Sweater - 7 Colors, $78


with Kimono Robes for Staycation Style

As we spend time more at home, we want to look and feel great while we are resting and enjoy being home. Beautiful kimono robes, short or long bring certain luxe element to the staycation and or actual vacation scenes. 

Or chunk knit cardigan for super coziness and comfy feeling. 

Staycation, waiting for the cold wave by watereverysunday


with Touch of Statement Accessories

To finish your look, add big pendant necklace and statement rings to polish up the look. One big or multi set jewelries both works! 

Add clean structured leather or canvas tote bags or shopper to give some structure to the look, rather than your soft eco bags. 

Embellished or Embroidered mule slippers are great for polished look. Go with fashion sneakers for a sporty chic look.


Suggested Pendant Necklaces & Rings

Suggested Bags

Cloudswift Running Shoes, Blush-Denim, $89.99 on-running.com






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