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French Chic Style - Blue White and Red

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French Chic Style - watereverysunday Style Blog

French Chic Style - Red White and Blue by watereverysunday 

Hello September! We are officially into the Fall. Hot weather cools off, days are getting darker earlier everyday and we started covering ourselves more and soon need jackets and coats! Thanks god and universe for the changing seasons so that we never get bored of fashion!

Yet, the change of seasons is always confusing. We tend to wonder more on what to wear than clearly hot or cold seasons like summer and winter. But it is when the beauty of layering and mix-up styling come in for fun. Falling back to fool proof classic and basic wardrobe pieces is always a good idea, mixed with a couple of trendy current items which is always a smart move so that you look well dressed but never bored or past season.

Speaking of classic yet chic style, what is more popular than French Chic (Chic is French meaning stylish or smart in styling) Style? They are known to be effortlessly stylish, sophisticated & looking classy, like no-makeup makeup look. Choose pieces that are timelessly wearable and look expensive(?) without breaking the bank. A bit of current old money style mixed with bohemian Parisian style I must say.  

Here just like their flag colors - Blue, White and Red. Let's study how they use these trials-colors in never failing everyday style.


Image Source: livetrendsx.com

Yep, Red flats go well with blue jeans & classic cardigan.. and the basket!

Image Source: Pinterest Leonce Chenal 

Simple tee & cropped jeans, classic trench coat, cap-toe ballet flats & leather mini bag - Oui, Oui.

Image Source: Pinterest - blue 7

The French literally invented the sweater over shoulders styling which is one of preppy and old money styles. White shirts, nice sweater & khaki trousers and a little bit of fine golden jewelry. And absolutely! You can grab some baguettes and strut your stuff. What's more French than a baguette(s)?




There are a couple of different shades of French Blue that are known. When you study their flags, the darker version shows navy blue while the light version more of royal blue, yet both are called French Blue. The Most easiest way to add blue color items to your styling are jeans or leather, coats or basic items in navy blue. 


This is not only for French girl style, white color is the basic canvas of all styling. Be the basic poplin shirts, t-shirts, knit or sweater. White color also provides some type of clean feel to the whole look with the most color contrast against other colors add structure and cleanness. Though, be mindful of stain and wrinkle free white items to avoid sloppiness and dirtiness. This needs to look chic, not overly casual. If you are wearing graphic tees, try to use simple and clean graphics for a classy chic look. Avoid oversized tees which is more American casual than French chic. 


French love red, the color most easily identified as French style by - red lipstick and red rose which immediately tells you that red color is used as an accent and finishing touch, not the main character. Choose red colored items in bags, shoes, accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves




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 Enjoy the French-ness and say "Chic"! 

 Another way to study French Chic fashion or understand French(?) is to watch the classic Three (Blue, White & Red) Trilogy movies by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

Watch at your own time…& Enjoy their timelessly classy French Chic-ness!

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