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Breton Stripes - Do it Today!

Sarah W

Breton Stripes - Do it Today! by watereverysunday (Copyright)

When life is in mono for too long and too relaxed, we tend to let go of ourselves, too. Days could feel bland and you need to add something to feel and look better! just like seasoning your food! However, you still want to keep things simple and classy. Then give some patterns or pop of color to your outfit.

How about some classic Breton stripes? The iconic nautical resort staples can do a lot more than the visual illusions. The playful French horizontal stripes that are parallel with the nautical sea lines stir our adventurous spirit and make us long for an oceanside vacation. It will certainly un-bore the basics with its pattern power and add excitement when you do correctly. 

Did you know that Breton stripes originated from a french navy uniform, a marinière that features 21 stripes in a specified military uniform code?

Interestingly, these blue and white stripes were designed for spotting unfortunate sailors who'd fallen overboard. The O-boatneck was designed for the seamen's works and practicality at the sea with a fitted comfort and no snagging buttons. The name Breton comes from the fact that most of the naval bases are located in Brittany, Bretagne in French, hence the name.  


French Navy Servicemen on the deck. Image Credit: heddels.com

How did these french horizontal lines enter the fashion world and become our wardrobe staples?

Coco Chanel is known to be the one who first introduced and popularized this stripe garment in her first resort collection, inspired by the sailors's uniforms during her stay in the french riviera where she opened her first hat shop and spending time during the war. However, it was historically untrue, because the striped shirts were already popular and commonly worn by many men at the french seaside, produced by Saint James company since 1889, known for its casual comfort and practicality rather than fashion statement. It was probably the famous below photo of hers wearing the striped shirt has developed this story and made many to believe this to be true. However, it was her iconic double breasted tweed jacket which she designed after, inspired by the sailors uniforms. Regardless, her designs revolutionized the fashion world at the time and freed the women from corsets and hefty dresses and paved the way how we dress today in the unisex mode.


Coco Chanel Wearing Breton Jersey. Image Credit: Wikipedia


Breton stripes shirts are probably one of the true unisex style pieces that has been loved by both men and women. Many celebrities were spotted wearing them in iconic photos and movies. Picasso is also one of breton stripe lovers and often photographed in them as workwear in his art studio and some of his arts. Jean Paul Gaultier is actually one of the designers who showcased these blue color stripes in his iconic marinere collection.


Picasso, James Dean, Andy Warhol in breton stripe shirts. image credit: heddels.com

Stripes My Way- Brigitte Bardot Style by watereverysunday (copyright)
Go Brigitte Bardot Bohemian style. Layer with bandeau swimsuit, corset belt, scarf hair and cat eyes! 


Jean Paul Gaultier Iconic Marinere Dress: Image Credit: jeanpaulgaultier.com


Clarissa Breton Stripe Knit Top & Skirt Set - Sorry...SOLD OUT


Being inspired by the marine theme, breton stripes are also generally linked to American prep-school and old money style. Basically the people who can afford to own sailing boats and resort vacation. However, no matter who wears it, it is how you style them that makes the stripes look either chic or cheap……...


So shall we stripe now?



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Bonnies Basic Breton Stripe Tees

Manon Breton Stripe Cropped Knit Tops

Basic Breton Stripe Crop Knit Top

Kara Candy Color Breton Stipe Knit Tops



You can't think of a nautical style without Espadrilles. Lace-up or Classic Slip-ons! Breton Stripe or Others, espadrille are for summer! 



​​French dark denim or white jeans makes these stripes stand out, not to mention that denim canvas items accentuate these blue collar(?) and nautical workwear practicality and relaxed resort style at the same time.


Francoise Large Denim Tote



Too much of relaxing and mono-tone outfits can lose its style edge. Add some pop of color, such as french red. Sunglasses and fedora always add an instant cool factor in any outfit. 





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