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Red & Pink Decor

sarah w


Are you a fan of Color Red or Pink? Can you choose one over the other? If not, can these two strong but pretty colors go together without clashing each other? Apparently, yes!

Red and Pink not only look great together but also compliment each other. Strong red pops over neutral pastel pink backdrop and anchor the scene while Pink lightens up reds what could be too strong. 

When it comes to mixing these two in home decor, using several shades of red and pink are the keys to soften the meeting of these two extremes, but remember not to go overboard with too many shades and not to lose their color identities and boundaries in the process. 

Also here we are going more modern scene than classy decor. This would make the look more clean and minimalist. 

In addition, Pink no longer only belongs to Spring. Mix with strong red and bring it into colder seasons to have some pink power and be bubbly. Be pretty regardless of time. 



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Ploum Loveseat Custom Made Loveseat in Rouge, $5370 ligne-roset.com

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Alva Loveseat $1044 (on sale), overstock.com


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Marceau Slipper Chair $414.50 (on Sale, reg $595), onekingslane.com

Offset For West Elm Print - Pop Art Portrait By Dmitry Zubarev $349, westelm.com

Tothora Globus L Pendulum Wall Clock €190, clocksandchimes.co.uk


Similar Red Wall Clock

Orren Ellis Dunkel Whiteout Wall Clock $76.99, wayfair.com


Junior Acapulco bubble gum pink $188 (on sale, reg $235), yliving.com


Shaggy Red Rug - Price Varies by Sizeesalerugs.com


Nude Orange Cushion €85, bivain.com


Elephant Mini Bag in Red, $1390loewe.com


MARIO LUCA GIUSTI Elephant Shaped Candle - Fuchsia $80, marjorieskourasdesign.com


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