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Minimalist Style Decor

Sarah W

While life gets complicated, tiding and simplifying your surroundings can do wonders and help organize your life again and refresh. And now seems to be the perfect time to try this as it is also time for between season cleanings.

All that piled and bundled up Winter items should be hauled away to the storage. All that dusty unused/unwanted items are needed to be thrown out or donated away so that you have space for new things. House also needs air and breathing. So give it to them and you also breathe!

Unless you already have a simple minimalist life, having a period of minimalist life setting once in a while is a great way to realize what you truly need in your life. This also helps plan how you want to decorate/redecorate your place for the new season.

However, minimalist style decor doesn't simply mean just clean and minimum. Actually it requires some sense of structure, arranging negative space and specific style items to achieve it. Typical minimalist style decor that you might think of resembles of artist loft, zen life style, Scandinavian, something raw, natural and organic with sense of practicality. 


So how to do this? Let's see!



Negative spaces are the one of main elements in Minimalist style and floor and wall have the top two negative spaces in this minimalist scene. Take out all the furnitures that are standing against the wall other than big furnitures like bed or couch that anchors the room. Unclog the wall from all the hangings and frames. Hang things low. Instead of night stand, use Chairs.

Once you create and prepare negative spaces by clearing out the area and leave the only pieces that are necessary. Then, you can start adding other elements. 

Image Source: Pinterest cocolapinedesign.com



Mid century modern furniture are the perfect pieces for the minimalist style decor. Clean and geometry industrial designs in solid or natural colors are great for those cool and artistic looks and provide strong foundation for other decor pieces.

This molded fiber chairs have that solid and never dying modern look. Also very practical as serving as dining, office or bedroom chairs and always look current. I have them as a set, purchased online some years ago and use for all said occasions, still work fantastic!

MUUTO fiber armchair $317, amara.com 


This multipurpose simple and stand alone side table looks great and works as night stand, personal item station, flower base or a cup of tea. Similar design products at cheaper priced pieces are easily available in other online sites.

MODLOFT Eyre Side Table $799, 2mordern.com


Floor lamps accentuates the negative space with look of artist/photographer's loft studio. Low hanging lamps with loose cable are also great creating the raw & industrial look.

Jonathan Adler Brass Antwerp Floor Lamp, $1069 popmap.com


Suggested Product:

Marble Floor Lamp $219, cb2.com


Suggested Product:



Painting, photos & mirrors. Square shapes visually enhance the sense of structure in the scene. Hang low. Abstract or black & white photos for artistic vibe. Empty frames work great, too. Place frames on the floor leaning against the wall rather than hanging. Stack them back to back against the wall. 

Blue Hues, 20"x20" $249 potterybarns.com



Floating Wood Floor Mirror, $320, westelm.com

Love Definition Print $7.02 (without frame), etsy.com



After those negative spaces and structures are set, now you need to add some organic pieces to give life to the scene. Add Texture with shaggy, fringe throw pillow. Similar type of rugs work as well. Add life with live plants, pots and natural seashells. Stack books for relaxing reading. Add scent of style with fragrance reed diffuser. 

Surya Nitro Shaggy Pillow Case, $28 houzz.com

Agatha Christy Mystery Vintage Novels, $29, etsy.com

SKANDINAVISK Reed Diffuser $62, Nordstrom.com

Woodland Glazed White Seashells $47, hayneedle.com


 Leather Buckled Magazine Basket, €129 lifeofrileyonline.co.uk


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Minimalist style decor, not so complicated, right? 

As I was writing this blog post, I started to think that it sounds like a good idea to follow the same steps to clean out my life. Create more negative space. Add clean and solid foundation. Add structure. Add life. Philosophical but it sounds like a plan! Hope you try, too! 

Thank you for reading!


*We are not affiliated with any of the company of the items featured in this blog post.

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