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sarah w

Graffiti Decor by watereverysunday at polyvore

Who knew graffitis would look so decorative? Believe or not, these fundamentally edgy cool street affair no longer only belong to the streets. Catchy statements and lively urban decay graphics in vivid and primary colors look organically alive and fantastic against luxe fur and delicate furnishings. 

You don't need to go all permanent or fully commit to it. Just adding wall decals, papers, dividers and little decorative pieces are all you need. Wall mural in brick wall can add texture to your otherwise plain walls. Meanwhile, keep the other basics clean and neat. Or go extreme by full pattern mixing and create an urban jungle at home.

All of sudden, your place start speaks like streets with full of characters.


WallPops! Graffiti Wall Mural $82, 

Similar Product: Street Graffiti Wall Mural Paper $45/m2,


Oritental Furniture 6' Tall Graffiti Room Divider $189 (on sale $129),


Caitlin Armless Chair, Brussels Mauve $799,


Charade Slipper Chair $2,500,


Featured Graffiti Throw Pillow, SOLD OUT

Similar Product: Street Art are we here ??? Throw Pillow $25,


Suggested Product: Graffiti Throw Pillow Cover $23.99,


Graffiti Bulldog 30" figure $334.99,

Leg-Up Bulldog 10" table figure $45, waitlist



Similar Product: Bowie Throw Pillow Case $24,


Ojia Faux Mongolian Fur Pillow $14,


Summer Graffit Jazz Hat $11,


Spray Paint Cans iPhone Case $39,





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