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Tea-Stained Eyes Beauty by watereverysunday


Did you have your cup of tea today? Whether you have one or not, how about some Tea-Stained Eyes? Inspired by Altuzarra Spring Summer 2019 Collection! 

Actually this particular runway beauty looks was intended for tangerine or peach eyes and cheeks since the looks were made for next spring/summer collection. However, it is quite appropriate for now and for autumn as peach/ruddy colors basically fall under same color family, only differ in the the light/dark shade spectrum .

In fact, tea stained eyes makeup looks using bronzers and blushes were pretty popular back in A/W 2016 on many runways. So if you have peach or ruddy color bronzers, blushes and eye shadows, you are game! Even if your colors are somewhat darker than the ideals, you can still blend them up to lighter shades with your foundation or creamy eyeshadow base. This is really a minimal effort makeup but cool looking, certainly appropriate as everyday wear. 

In the Altuzarra S/S 2019 runway look, skin was prepared fresh, only using concealers. Then healthy peach/ruddy color was added to the cheeks and the same color was applied to the eyes. Hairs were neatly and organically pulled back at the crown and side by finger combing and using wet pomade. 

Image Source: nowfashion

Image Source: nowfashion

Pretty, ruddy, rosy healthy flushed face.... Beautiful! Keep the eyeliners in soft brown or skip all together.

When applying colors to the eyes and cheeks, make them look like stained, using fingers and a brush to blur and soften the edges. Remember, the key point of this makeup is stained and peachy, flushed look.



So how to get this look?

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F R E S H   S K I N  

Bare Minimum makeup. Do go through your skin routine and work on your blemishes with concealers.

BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer $22,




Base eyes with concealer or eye base. Apply bronzer or blushes (powder or cream) to all over the eye lids. Blend well to give stained look and to the color intensity of your likings.


Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blush, $11.95,

Chantecaille Gel Bronzer $44,


Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot Cream Eyeshadow- GROUNDWORK, $22,


MAC Eyeshadow - Coppering $17,


Don't go too dark!  You might end up reddish not ruddy. Line eyes with soft brown kohls or skip eyeliners all together. No mascara needed or use clear mascara.


Sisley Phyto-Kohl Perfect Eyeliner - 2 Brown, $57*, 

 You can definitely find some bargain online or any soft brown kohls will work.



C H E E K S 


Blot or dot your cheeks with same colors as per your preference and blend. 

For more flushed look (Left Photo Below), apply color over your high cheek bones side ways.

For healthy and a bit of dimension (Right Photo Below), sweep colors from center of cheek bones to side and up. As you all know, subtle coloring with much intense shade than the  eyes are recommended. 

Image Source:


Nars Blush - Liberte, $30, 




Use same color family lipstick as the eyes to the lips. Creamy and semi matte look would be ideal, not glossy.

Creamy lip and cheek stains are perfect for this look. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge is such a classic in its own category and is also one of my favorite purse stuffers of all time. Not only on lips or cheeks, technically it work on eyes, too! 

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks - Power Pink, $32,

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