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Bobby Pins 101

Sarah W

Bobby Pins 101 by watereverysunday 


Side swept and bobby pinned school girl hairstyle is nevertheless one of the timeless classic hairstyles of all time and frequent visitors to fashion runways recent years. After reading an article about many uses of bobby pins, it was the time for me to write this blog. Not as life changing as the articles says, but certainly useful and great to know! 

There are probably hundreds+ articles about uses of bobby pins but I am still writing in case you haven't read them yet. However, this blog is written more for hair styling, not for bobby pins as life saving tools and that's why I call this blog post Bobby Pins 101.

I am not so sure if the name bobby is ever related to bobby dolls or it is just a coincidence but, if you ever find out, please let me know. 





The wavy side goes against your head 
Did you know? All these years, I've been using them wrong and now understand why it didn't stay put or hold the hair right. Wavy side goes against your head so it will grip better. This basic information is quite unknown to many. 




Bobby pins are able to hold small sections, side swept & thin braids and hold buns.


HAIR STRANDS HOLD - This twisted strands and pinned style is a basic and classic technique with bobby pins.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan.com


CLASSIC SIDE SWEPT PIN  - Swept the hair to the side and hold down with hand, slip the pin in at about your eyebrow level with the smooth top side visible. This classic school girl style is timeless and frequently seen on runways. Curly flapper style also works. Perfect way to style little girls, too.

Image: J.W. Anderson SS2019, harpersbazaar.com

Image: hairstyles-galaxy.com

Image Source:  kadinvetrend.com


THIN BRAIDS - Braid tiny sections of hair. Hold up the braid and pin over the hair. Slip the pin all the way in until the pin disappeared into the hair. This technique is very commonly seen in wedding braid hairstyles.
Image Source: Pinterest


HIDE AWAY - To hold style, hide flyaway and strand ends, bobby pins work hard both inside out and underneath. Tuck in the hair ends or unwanted strands of hair with bobby pins.

Perfect ponytail to hide the hair elastic - After tying the ponytail, grab a strand of tail hair and wrap around base and secure the end with a bobby pin.

Image Source: Hairromance


Faux bobs hairstyle - This side swept and bobby pinned bobs hairstyle was created for one of Fendi runways without having actual bob haircuts. Tie the end of the medium to long hair and flip the ponytail underneath to create the bob volume, then secure with bobby pins. Genus! 

Image Source: faux bobs by watereverysunday



Colored bobby pins are certainly pretty on hairs but also work as great styling accessories. Color bobby pinned hairs are seen on some runways and multiple pins in same color or in different color combo can be used to increase the color impact. Use on your hair; slide on collars, sleeves, pockets and so on. Accessorize. Looks great on little girls, too. Be creative!

Image Source: Cacharel runway moodboard.typepad.com


Image Source: playbuzz.com, rainbow color pins



Yes, call them art. Again, be creative like you do with your legos. This pictured runway look seems a bit complicated but slick front hair with random back pinning is all you need still looking cool. But, since it is called art, the pinning should have some type of structured shapes and patterns. 

Something to try for your formal or night out with smoky eyes and glamorous makeups. Imagine the flappers or gothic hairstyle/fashion.

Image Source: refinery29


Image Source: Fashionisers.com

Image Source: lovika.com

Image Source: eponavalley.com


14K Hello Bobby Pins $36/each, eponavalley.com

Vivian Flower Bobby Pins $10/each emijay.com



Image Source: bellamumma.com

Actually I've never known about this trick until recently but once did, my ponytails got way fancier. Do your usual ponytail, flip your hair upside down and slide the bobby pins into your hair elastics vertically down and flip back up. Your ponytail suddenly got a push up.


Image Source: Manentail.com

This also works great on the top knots. Just slide your bobby pins all around your hair elastic and the root of the bun together. They hold better and the bun stays put. 

DIY BUNGEE HAIR TIE - You can also prep your hair elastic with 2 bobby pins to both ends of the elastic to make a DIY bungee hair tie. Push one side into your pony base and wrap around and slip the other end to complete. This is actually how hairstylists do ponytails.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan.com





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