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How to Wear Red Lipsticks

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The Red Lipsticks by watereverysunday


When in doubt, wear red. Bold, flaming, fire red. Don't doubt. Wear the red lipstick. We don't wear red lipsticks often daily but great holidays and special event, bring it on! 

Red lipstick is like a power suit for women, like the magic of the little black dress. Also good looking red lipstick almost feels like having a pair of stilettos or a luxury designer handbag. Everyone probably own one or two of bold red lipsticks in their makeup counter.  


How to Best Wear Red Lipsticks?

Keep it Classy

If you want the classic red lipstick look like the featured above, keep the rest of the face clean. Follow the less is more makeup rules. Keep the eye makeup at minimum or pale colors. Sparkling silver, silver white or gold are allowed. Have your eye brows groomed and defined. 


Keep the Lip Line Clean

Use lip brush and lip liner because you do not want the color bleeding or smudge. Blot off the excess with facial tissue then reapply for vivid color. If you want high shine top with a lip gloss. 


Try Smokey Eyes

If you want sultry and sexy looks, fully dressed classic dark smokey eyes are the way to go. Refrain colorful eye make up like blue, green and the likes that crashes with bold red lips.


Try French Girl's Red Lips 

When all fails, lazy french girl red lipstick also works! See how french girl like Jeanne Damas does her everyday red lips and more in the video at the end of the blog post.

Again, when in doubt, wear red. Beautiful and perfect red lips! 



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Estee Lauder Pure Color Desire Rouge Excess $44, esteelauder.com


Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet $37, chanel.com


Georgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy - 400 $38, georgioarmanibeauty.com


Eden Luscious Lipstick - Eden Red $24, bloomingdales.com



Now watch how IT french girl Jeanne Damas does her famous red lips and more!

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