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Flushed Winter Cheeks Beauty

sarah w

That's right. Winter flushed perfect peachy healthy cheeks!

New Year is here and aren't we all excited? Show your excitement with beautifully flushed cheeks. When would be better time than now for this gorgeously winter flushed cheeks? Those glowing rosy cheeks after fun snow fights and ice skating!

December is over now but winter has only begun, as in fact January and February are the most colder months of the year.

As you guessed, there is no great skill required for this look. There are many blush product choices out there in the forms of power, cream blush or stain. You can also try rosy tinted moisturizer to add healthy overall rosy tone to the pale and dull winter skin.

Rather than the typical highlight or conturing application like applied underneath cheekbone lines, apply directly over the cheekbones for naturally flushed look. Blot and blend is the key. For power blushes, use a big soft round brush. Apply over hand or wrist to control the intensity and apply light amount to avoid overdone look. Blend in circle and swipe outward toward your temples.

Or for super lazy beauties, blot your red lipstick over your cheeks and blend. Totally doable!

For color wise, red, orange, peachy and coral red for more natural look rather than pink or brown. Also Coral Red is a great color try now and upcoming spring since Living Coral is the new Pantone color of 2019. So get in the know now!

For eyes, to go with flushed winter cheeks, wake up eyes with some cooling eye gels. Finger blot around corners or eyes with some icy winter white eyeshadows to mimic those shimmering and sparkling snow reflection and shines. 




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Tarte Cheek Stain - Blushing Bride $20 on sale (reg $30), tartecosmetics.com


Here is a video from Sephora for Tarte Cheek Stain tutorial. So easy!


Nars Exhibit A Matte Red Blush $30, narscosmetics.com


NYX Rouge Cream Blush $6, nyxcosmetics.com


L'oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Moisturizer $24.99, lorealparisusa.com


Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Icy Eye-Reviver Gel $49, net-a-porter.com


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