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Check Mate! Nail Art

sarah w


Racing checkerboards patterns are hot and trending right now in the current fashion weeks.

I know we need sometime to digest this into our system, but If you already own some checkerboard pattern pieces, add them to your outfits now. I found a pair of pants so I am good. Though I so regret now, selling off my checkerboard Vans online.  Anyways, you don't need to wait until next year to wear this trend and there are many other ways to have them right now. Nails!!!


Image Source: allure.com


Really fashionable. But it does look quite complicated to achieve. Girls, do not fear. See the video below for how to. It is quite easy to do actually. The main pattern trending right now is black & white in smaller checks but you don't need to go that route. Go with manageable medium squares as seen in the video and the photos.


Image Source: Harper's Bazaar



Go with pastels like the above photos from Opening Ceremony runway last year. You are way stylish in the subtle prettiness and will love the reactions you get. 

Multicolor checkerboards are also an option if you have the time and spirit as another cool trend right now is plaids. 

Use the nail colors you already have. Only one you probably need would be white colors and base and top coats if you don't normally use them or have. So try this today!! Have fun!



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