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Bold & Beautiful: Two Tone Makeup - Beauty Trend

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Bold & Beautiful: Two-Tone Makeup by watereverysunday


Spring is finally here and March Madness is just around the corner! We now know that we're certainly on the way to more brighter days and colors. Speaking of brighter colors, two tone makeup trend has been around for several years now, but this time around colors are getting more vibrant and bolder, compared to the typical pastel trends for the spring.  

So it is time to take all your colors out and paint your world. Just like when you love both red and blue, make a flag rather than choosing one color over the other.

So what are these Dual, duo or two-tone makeup trend? Let's find out! 


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These have been around for several years now whether you have seen them or not. K-Beauty brand Laneige was the one who first started this with two-tone makeup line a couple years back.

Their two-tone line consisted of two-tone shades eyeshadows, lipsticks and correcting & contouring stick/tube bars. The color combinations are not necessarily for color to color performance but more of gradation effect with base/primer coupled with a top/point color.

There are also two tone powder eyeshadow products with one swipe application which works in similar way giving you more matte finish


Laneige Two-Tone Shadow Bars $21.99, amazon.com


Laneige Two-Tone Lipsticks Bars $27, uslaneige.com



The application is quite self explanatory. In case of stick bars, the flat end with two color blocks is applied over respected areas and blend to finish. All application recommend to use brushes for additional blending and final touch. In case of powder products, brushes are used from application to finish. 

Lipstick or shadow bars also can be used as blushes over the cheeks. 

The following youtube video by a beauty blogger is super informative as she tried all Laneige two-tone makeup products in this video.



Two-tone eyeshadow bars are first applied along the lash line then you can use the desired color side on inner, under or tail of eyes for point makeup.

Image: Laneige.com


One swipe powder eyeshadow is basically two colors lined in one shadow palette that comes with an applicator foam brush or flat brush.

As easily guessed, brushing the applicator over the eyeshadow picks up two colors from the palette and with one swipe motion you've got two colors over the eyelids.

The user reviews are more favorable with brush applicator than foam brush in overall performance but foam brush performs better in point makeup for smokey or cat eyes makeup.

Benefit Duo Eyeshadow Blender with Foam Brush $24, benefitcosmetics.com

16 Brand one Swipe Magazine Eyeshadow w/ Flat Brush, $9-$19, amazon.com




Two-tone lipstick bar with matte and glossy blocks together, it creates a color gradation with peachy/candy gradient and blurred lips.

The dark color side goes towards mouth and it create that 3D shadow effect like the skins of peach or passion fruit. Or those "I just had some red wine" lips.


Image: Laneige.com



Color correcting stick bars had gained some huge popularity about 5 years ago, together with highlighting products.

As you all know this correcting bars correct and blur blemishes, also even out the skin tone while contouring bars to add dimension to your face.

However, there is simply no one color there that can fix all. Therefore these two tone products are quite a smart idea using two tone layering method


Laneige Two-Tone Correcting & Contouring Bar  Laneige.com




As well you guessed, this combination works in finishing step of the skin makeup. The rosy color side works as blush over cheeks while darker color works as conturing around face along the hairline and jawlines, and the lighter highlighter works over top of nose, lips and forehead to give glowing effect. 


By Terry Blush Glow-Expert Contour Highlighter Duo Stick $48, byterry.com


Overall, these products are designed and intended for gradation effect or correcting. Therefore besides the lip products, all colors somewhat fade when blended in our skin colors, rather than highly pigmented. 

Traditional makeup will always there, however with the trends like unicorn and ombre hairs, it feels like makeup also need a step up in the color games, especially for eyes. 



Have you ever bought some pretty color makeup from the store, then when you tried at home it just doesn't look or color like it should?  

You are not alone... but good news is that this year, the colors are getting brighter and bolder, improved with color pigmentation and staying power. Woohoo!

In order to achieve true to color makeup when applied over the skin, new products are coming out with ink, paint or waterproof gel like quality for highly pigmenting performance. 

Just imagine the color mascaras in the past, those makeup trend and formulas are now going over eyes now, kind of..


Totally love the look of new Givenchy limited edition Dual Eyeliners. The colors are so boldly beautiful and vivid as feathers of the tropical birds. This product is more of eyeshadow coupled with eyeliner, with a marker pen looking tip, compared to those two cream shadow stick bars. The color palette is truly swoon worthy and feeling like spring and summer vacation already. These dual liner produces a vivid color spectrum like look by one easy stroke. 

Givenchy Two-Tone Dual Liner $34, neimanmarcus.com

Here are some inspiring and pretty runway beauty looks with similar bold and vivid color block eyes. These are not necessarily created using two-tone products but these unusual color combinations are the ones to get inspired and try for upcoming spring/summer.


Color Block Eyes, Oscar De La Renta AW 2017 Beauty Look
Image: vogue.uk.com

Oscar De La Renta Pale Blue/Fuchsia AW 2017

Image: Vogue UK

Tadashi Shoji SS2018 Blue/Green Eyes

Image: theimpression.com


Colored eyeliners looks are also seen on some of the runways during current fashion week and as you see below these are more of drawing and line arts than color blocking. However, the colors are getting more sophisticated and unconventional like yellow, red and mixing of many colors. Application technique wise, dotting, drawing or lining over eyelids rather than along the basic lash lines are seen.


Colored Eyeliners Beauty Looks in AW 2018/2019

Image: glowsly.com



Many vivid color eyeliners are available at the drugstores and at affordable prices for you to try. The colors I always like are the teal and blue. However this year I am rooting for coral/peachy or coral/terracotta.

Also remember, living coral is the Pantone color of 2019 and the color is already everywhere, hot and trending. So do add coral color family to your home, outfit and stationaries. 


L'Oreal Infallible Paints Eyeliners $9.99 lorealparisusa.com or drugstores near you


NYX Slide On Pencil $8, nyxcosmetics.com


Maybelline Master Precise Ink Metallic Liquid Eyeliners $8.99, maybelline.com



Don't limit yourself to 2 colors. Multiply colors as many as you wish. Just like getting those dozen crayon or pastel sets to draw away your world! 

Here are some adorable looks of multi color block eyes to try from maybelline with tutorial videos. Winged or Ombre, both are so pretty to try!




Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

One more to say, March Madness comes around every year for a reason.

It is here to remind you to be

Mad (Love) About Yourself. 


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