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Barely There Makeup: Dewy Skin & Bold Eyes

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Barely There Makeup: Dewy Skin & Bold Eyes by watereverysunday

Did you see last night's episode of Game of Thrones (Season 8, episode 3)?  If you have, you know now winter is gone! Wow, that long night was really really dark and full of terrors. But, that's right. Winter is dead. So that means?... Spring is here!! 

Yes, spring is here and it is perfect time to try barely there makeup look. Show off new you, just like the new sprouts and flower bulbs in spring! How about fresh & radiant dewy skin with bold cat eyes? Beauty trend this year is all about beautiful skin radiance from within. So show your inner shine. Show your inner beauty!

In fact, we look best when we look natural. If you have beautiful skin, you don't even need makeup, right? Well... but the reality is no one is perfect, so there goes barely there makeup or no makeup look.

To achieve this, preparing dewy and healthy skin is essential. Then use one point makeup to glorify it so you won't look too bare and maximize the minimal makeup.

Point makeup usually means where your color makeup is focused on. So one point is, in most cases, it is either on eyes or lips. If both eyes and lips then that would be called a full makeup. In this blog post, cat eyes are used as one point makeup. If you are lip person, leave eyes relatively bare and use your favorite red or pink lipstick for the look. Bare does not mean literally bare but use primer or base makeup to blend in to have the natural look. 

The first step for this barely there makeup look is to prepare dewy skin. Minimally cover your blemishes and show your natural skin textures and things like freckles. Add some healthy glow with multi-stick blush to eyes, lips and cheeks. Add clear radiance using translucent powers. Don't forget mascara to wake up your eyes, which does make a big difference. If don't want mascara at least curl your eyelashes. 


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H  O  W    T  O 

1. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. Then, pat on some face oil.

Prepare skin by moisturizing. Use intensive moisturizing lotion, gel or cream to maximize the dewy skin look and apply a couple of drops of face oil to your palm, warm it up and apply on the face to pamper your skin and lock in the moisture.

Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, 1oz $19.00 clinique.com

RODIN Jasmine & Neroli Luxury Face Oil Mini 0.5oz $96 sephora.com


Japanese Tsubaki Anti-Aging Face Oil  $25 amakiskincare.com


2. Apply sunscreen - light ones are the best.

As everyone knows, sunscreen is very important providing essential skin protection from sun especially during spring time where the UV lays start getting strong by day.


ANTHELIOS MELT-IN SUNSCREEN MILK SPF 60  $35.99 laroche-posay.com


3. Correct necessary blemishes with concealer.

No one is perfect. But do not overuse as concealers do get caky when applied too much.

INSTANT FULL COVER CONCEALER $30 bobbibrowncosmetics.com



4. Add some natural radiance using clear radiance powder or lotion

Believe or not, this radiance power do make difference. This is for subtle glow from within, not highlighting from surface. Use strategically to maximizing the effect for where you want it to glow but overall application just works fine.  

CLEAR RADIANCE Loose Highlighting Powder $22 bareminerals.com



5. Apply colors to eye lids, lips and cheeks.

We always need some healthy colors looking like we are healthy - natural pinkish lips, flushed cheeks and bright eyes. So apply to look like you are healthy... 


THE MULTIPLE Orgasm Multipurpose cream stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body $39 narscosmetics.com

Stila Cosmetics Convertible Color - Petunia (0.15 oz.) A 2-in-1 cream color for lips and cheeks. $25 sephora.com


6. Apply eyeliners & mascara

Here goes the point makeup. Cat eyes instantly wake your eyes up and set some alive attitude. Don't limit yourself to black color. Color eyeliner is totally pretty! Mascaras do make difference. It dresses your eyelashes like shoe polish, but optional. 


Image: Pinterest/Instagram

PRECISION LIQUID EYELINER $42  lemetierdebeaute.com


Giorgio Armani EYES TO KILL CLASSIC MASCARA $32, giorgioarmanibeauty.com

7. Apply translucent powder to finish off and set the look. Healthy glow powder also works.

Some do not believe in setting powders. But, skins get oily as our days go by and these powers help fighting unwanted shines and your makeup lasts longer. Apply during the day when you fix your makeup.   


Givenchy LES SAISONS Healthy Glow Powder $53 saksfifthavenue.com


Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder $32 shiseido.com


Revolution Pro 330 Large Fluffy Powder Brush $12, revolutionbeauty.com


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