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Colorful Eyebrows

Sarah W


Colorful Eyebrows by watereverysunday

Colorful Eyebrows by watereverysunday


Not for everyday look but probably one of the perfect looks for an experimenting days and Halloween! The skill level to achieve this look is so beginner but the impact would be a squid game dramatic. With a simple change of eyebrow colors, now you are elves and ethereal kinds. 

You probably have all the tools and material for this look in your makeup drawers. Under used light color eyeshadow in your color palette, clear eyebrow gel or mascara. Now is the time to utilize them. White or light color eye pencils and shades always come handy when you need to cancel or mute some color out or lighten things up. 


Now let's find out how easy this is!


H O W    T O

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 It is pretty visually self explanatory when you see the beauty set above but here we go.

1. Base your eyebrows with white eye pencil or light color shadow. 

Use a pencil or brush/foam applicator to neutralize your natural eyebrow colors. Draw the frame slightly larger than your natural shape to cover the entire eyebrows. This step creates a base for your canvas.


2. Swipe clear eyebrow gel or mascara over the eyebrows.

Apply clear brow gel or mascara to your eyebrows. Ensure not to overdo it to maintain the base color. This provides a first coat for your canvas work and a medium for your final color powder to adhere and set.


3. Using an angled brush, pat on the eyeshadow color of your choice over the eyebrows and let it set.

For shaping and filling brow gaps, angled brushes are the best option. Avoid overworking the eyeshadow on top of gel-applied eyebrows.


Messed it up? Not the end of the world. Just give it another go unless you're racing the clock like Cinderella.


Need more Drama?

Add some hair extension clips!

Wow, that was too easy! Now you have more time to do things you want/need to do….


Have a nice day, everyone!





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