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WHAT TO WEAR NOW - Casual OOTD: White Shirts & Jeans

Sarah W

Casual OOTD - White Shirts and Jeans by watereverysunday


How is everyone doing today? What are you wearing today? This look is literally one of my just throw-on casual OOTDs (COOTD). There seem to be many COOTD with "C" stands for cute, concert, casual etc… whichever you choose to like. 

Anyways, I love this casual styling of crisp poplin or linen white button-down shirts with a broken in jeans and slide slippers. All of these elements include some type of relaxed beach look with preppy masculine notes. 

It is an easy in and out of house look for walking dogs, groceries and coffee runs or even brunches. If you add cool sunglasses and a camera you can pass as a cool photographer.

If you add a fedora, you would be vacation ready. 




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For the shirts, any of your favorite white or light color pin stripe shirts in cotton, poplin or linen material, slightly or oversized as per your preference.

White button down shirts could be hard to style with and if not correctly styled, it could look boring or wrong for you. The key styling in this look is to keep things somewhat preppy and never sloppy. As for not looking sloppy, make sure your white (light pinstripe shirts also work) shirts are relatively in good shape, not over worn and lost shape making sure of the crispness. And any point, no discolored state such as visibly no longer white.

Several ways to style your shirts but never wear all buttons up. Wear 2-3 buttons open at the top and also open at the bottom. For tucked in styles - try all tucked in, only one side or front bottom tucked in, or tie knot at the front. If you are wearing all buttons open, layer it with a tight inner wear like bra or tank tops. All of these styling ways should involve showing your waistline and ways to balance off the boxiness or formalness of the shirts. Wear the collars upturned or popped up for style confidence. Roll up the sleeves to add some casualness. 

Unusual Tips: It is absolutely ok to wear guys' shirts or steal from your boys closet. Shop men's dress shirts - get a smaller size that fits you. At the end of the day, we stole this look from the boys/men ... .and men's shirts are better constructed and cheaper(?) than women's.



As for the jeans, I like my jeans hip hugging, mid to low rise, a little cropped boyfriend or boot cuts not skinny jeans for this. Who knew that skinny jeans could look outdated?… Find jeans that fit like a good khaki slacks.

Jeans need some broken-in look. My go-to ones are Levis' 501 and sometimes I distressed them or alter in my own style/likings. For some reason, cropped jeans are more pricey and when you get them, sometimes the length isn't just right for you. I buy a regular version and cut the hem, refinish the hem, fray or add some patches or heat transfer design to personalize. I have to say that owning a relatively affordable sewing machine and being able to re-hem your own jeans not only saves money but also opens a new world of creativity. 

It is very hard to find 'that's me' jeans regardless of brands, prices or how you find them. Once I find them, I wear them until you can't any more….



Wide strapped or Birkenstock—ish slides are the ones for this masculine casual look. Imagine you are casually walking a boardwalk and ready to walk the sand beaches as well.


HAIR note

Preferably hair down - naturally beach wavy. If tied and up, all kinds of buns work, but if you want to be current, try low buns. Messy casual please.


SCENT note

Masculine scents rather than feminine ones like fresh cotton & linen, woody, tobacco & leather rather than distinct florals and powdery scents.



*We are not affiliated with any product/company/brand/website featured in this blog post other than our own.

Suggested Shirts

Tori Deep Front Cut Tunic Blouse - 3 Colors watereverysunday

Tori Deep Front Cut Tunic Blouse - 3 Colors, $42

Unusual design, this deep front cut shirt is a versatile piece for layering with turtlenecks or inner wears. 

Sachi 3D Flower Embroidery Shirt, $58

Need some prettiness? 3D flower embroidery shirt will do!

Suggested Jeans 

Levi's Blue Middy Jeans, levi.com or online

Levi's Blue 90s Jeans, levi.com or online

Casey Everyday Classic Jeans -watereverysunday

Casey Everyday Classic Jeans, $53.99

Luka Wrap Minimalist Slippers - 3 Colors, $38

These slippers are literally the hybrid of Birkenstock and flip-flops without the bulkiness and roughness of Birkenstocks and stringy fit of the toe strap. So comfortable with the soft upper and tow wrap. I have them in all three colors to change it up but blue is my color. Once you wear them, you can't go back.


Suggested Slippers:

A little bit of unique looks…and "where did you get these" slippers.


Franchi Mesh Mule Slippers - 3 Colors, $22

Yetia Chunky Knit Upper Gladiator Slippers, $34


Ibiza Faux Leather Woven Tote - 21 Colors, $75

 Nothing more to say. Perfect tote size with woven faux leather goes soft by wear.

Snakeskin Prints Faux Leather Bracelets - 3 Colors, $19.99

Casual wrap bracelet in textured animal prints with gold hardware accent.




L'Ombre Dans L'Eau (The shadow in the Water)

The scent is quite floral with the quite noticeable but not overpowering main blackcurrant notes, intensity of rose blossom and the woody note with petitgrain scent (essential oil from bitter orange leaves and twigs). The description for the scent inspiration is as follows in the brand website.

'Telling the story of daydreams, a calm river, a summer slumber under a weeping willow...'


This solid perfume version smells a little different on your skin as in balm formula but the portability in a refillable and gorgeous heavy metal box is stylish at the least. I have the older plain version without the color paint which I kind of love more. 

Suggested Sunglasses


Not completely sure of the performance but we love the Verb brand being vegan… and this spray smells marine fantastic. 


Cranberry White Chip, $5.99 eandcssnacks.com
These square hunks are really heavenly, yummy and not so sweet and made with real ingredients. One of my favorite on-the-go snacks. All of the flavor varieties are great. Especially love these since they are moist and not so heavy if you are into those crispy snack bars or choky protein/energy bars.




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