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Spring, Are You Here Yet?

sarah w

It is snowing out in NYC today but, let's not lose hope because we all know that spring is definitely coming. So get ready for bright and sunny months. What to wear now, or get now for upcoming spring?

Plaids are still trending strong. Get some bright/bold artistic printsStraw, rattan, raffia & wicker bags are coming back for more and better selections this year. Holidays are over, but our ever wanting wish to sparkle and be glamorous continues with glitter camis and feathers. And add the final ultimate girl power fashion to the mix. Now you definitely look beautiful and powerful, and ready for spring.


*We are not affiliated with any companies/sites of featured products in the blog except for our own products.

Check Structured Blazer $129, mango.com


Glitter Lurex Knit Tank Top $23, watereverysunday.com


Yoona Printed Wide Leg Pants €104, navaba.co.uk


Mini Straw Wicket Basket Bag $42, watereverysunday.com 


D&G Rose Enbellished T-Bar Velvet Sandals $1275, matchesfashion.com


Suggested Product: 

Red Rose Suede Wedge Platform Sandals $78, watereverysunday.com


FEMINIST SPOKE iphone case $28, watereverysunday.com

D&G Resin Rose Earrings $360, harrods.com


Feather Crystal Drop Earrings $8.99, watereverysunday.com

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