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Rosé S'il Vous Plait - The Little Black Dress

Sarah W

Rosé S'il Vous Plait - The Little Black Dress - watereverysunday

Rosé S'il Vous Plait - The Little Black Dress by watereverysunday


Do you have your favorite little black dress that you just love to show off the best of you, or save the day when you had nothing to wear to a special event? I trust that you all have that little black dress, like the one Audrey Hepburn wore in the Breakfast at Tiffany's movie! Timelessly classy and elegant.

Regardless of age, we all need to look our best from time to time (it's a lie if we say always…) and feel beautiful. A right little black dress makes that possible, giving us that self-assurance we need!

I used to have a black strapless midi dress that I just loved. Nothing pricey but it was one of the dresses that just makes all me and all that! Whenever I wore it, I would collect compliments and be treated like a lady. Sadly, nothing lasts forever and every garment has to retire at some point… Well, it's ok.  Life goes on and soon you find a new one.

Whether you have a romantic date, cocktail party or wedding to attend to, a good(?) little black dress helps you walk through a special day or command the room with confidence. So put on your little black dress and order up a drink with confidence, "Rosé S'il Vous Plaît  / Rosé please". The tone of the voice and accents are yours to master. Of course, you can order any drink you want in any language. It was just figuratively speaking… 



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Talia Sleeveless Geometry Cut Mini Dress$58.00




Lucia Bustier Mini Dress with Feathery Cuffs, $88

Vanessa V-Neck Solid Tunic Mini Dress$62.00

Katie Satin One Shoulder Halter Dress, $54

Georgia Deep V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Dress - 2 Colors$62.00


Luxe Rhinestone Cage With Pearl Handle Mini Bag$78.00

Suggested Evening Bag

Maeve Sequin Handle Velvet Pouch Bag$52.00

Aaliyah Embellished Taffeta Bow Sandals$72.00

Larissa Baroque Bejewel Cross Earrings$19.99

Linea Big Flower Corsage Chocker Necklaces - 4 Colors, $19.99

Other Suggested Choker Necklace

Suzanna Pearl Beads Choker, $18.99



About The Little Black Dress


Megan Hess: The Little Black Dress: A Love Story $19.99 amazon.com

Great Little Black Dress book for pretty dress illustrations, light read and for your coffee table!




MISS DIOR EAU DE PARFUM, 1.0 Oz $100 Dior.com



ROUGE PUR COUTURE SATIN LIPSTICK - Le Rouge, $45, yslbeauty.com


Rose Sil Vous Plait, Rose Mimosa Wine

There are some cool Rosé Mimosa Cocktail Recipes in their site!

No idea there was an actual Rose Wine Brand called

Rosé S'il Vous Plait….

Please enjoy responsibly. 






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